• Thanks Robert, I'm just starting out in the art fair biz. I have my own gallery on Cape Cod but the season is so short I thought I'd try winters doing the shows. I'll check out your blog.
    • Eileen, I'm looking for representation in gift shops there in the Cape Cod area. Would you do me the honor of taking a look at my work and seeing if you could recommend any contacts there?  Thanks!

      • Hi Brenda, I'm out on the tip of the Cape, Provincetown. I don't have any gift shop contacts. 

        Good luck with your art,


        • Thanks anyway.

  • No feedback on that specific show, but it is part of a monthly show put on by the promoter. I'll be brutal and to the point on it; the promoter runs a show that is misrepresented in many ways. There are buy/sell vendors there that they are aware of and despite numerous complaints continue to allow them back. The show space is physically limited for only about 32 artists and fully half of the booth spaces have a bolted down park bench inside the booth footprint. The crowds are tourists off cruise ships who are looking for cheap souvenirs. There is an outrageous city vendor's license required that is never asked for on-site but is supposed to be obtained in advance. Some artists don't obtain it and nothing happens as a result. There are regulars who do the show repeatedly but they're selling $10-$20 reproductions or very low end work. My advice? Don't do it. You can check my blog for a review of one of their springtime shows with comments from others besides my opinion. 

    Since you're a photographer, as I am also, I'll add a few more comments. There were photographers there selling small 8.5x11 and 11x14 pieces using the $3-$5 plastic front-loading Format frames for $15 and $20 respectively. I've used the same type frames for a certain small body of work but not for my entire booth. There was an unusually high percentage of photographers in the show I did. My next door neighbor was another photographer with high quality work. He didn't sell well either. 

    • Wow! I'm so glad to have read this, as I was looking to sell in December this year, and Savannah has been known to me as a viable art market, and it's less than five hours away...but I was dubious about doing the show. Something just didn't sit right. And, having read your experiences, I'm happy I didn't take the bait! Thank you for your honesty.

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