Has anyone done the Chesterton Art Fair in Chesterton, IN?  It is not far from me.  But a few years ago I was checking it out and got the impression that everyone was grandfathered in from the year before.  If that's the case, your chances of getting juried in would be slim, especially in a competitive category like jewelry.  I  wrote them an email to ask them if this was the case, and they never responded to my email.  So I have not applied.  I still am interested in doing it, but shows are a crapshoot anyway and I don't want to throw jury fees down the drain if there's no chance of getting in.

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  • not sure why you haven't heard back from them, Roxanne. Here's what I know. They changed the location last year, made it smaller and pretty much went back to scratch. The result was good attendance, a reinvigorated event (this park is easier to find and visible), and some decent word-of-mouth of sales reports. A good friend of mine said he was there, was hoping to go back and was only telling a few people about it on purpose. Sort of a "don't tell anyone else, but give this one a try." Wink.

    • Thanks Connie!  I didn't contact them this year.  It was a few years ago and I never tried to contact them again.  I think I will try to visit the show this year and see what I find out.

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