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I have a dilemma.   I have a website and it says email for a catalog.   Well it seems i get quite a few people that want my catalog.   After i send out the catalog sheet via email i very rarely get a response.   Most of the time i send a followup email asking now that they got the catalog are they going to order something.   Once in a blue moon i get a response.  But most of the time i never hear from them.   Sometimes i get a little paranoid thinking maybe someone wants to copy my work.   I was wondering what you who have webpages do.     I know if 10% get back to you that is a good sign.    I was just curious to know what some  of you do with this situation.

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Isn't the catalog sheet redundant because the web site is the catalog?

The real question is where are the people coming from and how do you get a more targeted audience for your web site?

Larry Berman

you are right   i was told it is metatags
Was just thinking about your answer and someone last week asked for a brochure and sent it too him then he asked for more of a brochure and my answer was that the pictures are on webpage.   so thanks.  When i do shows i hand out cards with email and website on it.   also when people call i tell them to bookmark my page and all the answers seem to be I HAVE.     Also i own mac's so i have iweb and keep adding to page with new items.
If you want to have a catalog that is more detailed than your website, I suggest you create a .pdf version of it that users can download for themselves.


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