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I was reading here about this canopy.---- UnderCover

It is a less cost than show-off or trimline. I need some help in deciding.  I guess with the under cover you would need panels.. 

Any recommendations?

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With any tent you purchase you would still need walls, either hard or mesh, to hang your artwork on. If you're looking to spend more than $200 on a pop up tent, I'd look more at the Light Dome.

Larry Berman

I have that exact tent, R-2. I also have theTrimline.
Lengthy comparisons have already been posted on here.
Suffice to say, the R-2 is very good, has served me very well. Not a single complaint. I use it and the Trimline with the exact same sets of Flourish mesh panels.

R-2: Much lower cost, light weight, fast easy one person setup & breakdown (about 3 - 5 minutes tent only) compact storage, sturdy. Easier open sidewalls each day. No awnings setup unless you create one (I made my own). Good customer service.

Trimline: Higher cost, Heavier, tougher setup but not too hard once you learn, longer time needed., Extremely sturdy and durable will withstand most anything, has higher unobstructed ceiling (makes for nicer look and display). Awnings available and good. Fantastic customer service.

Shipping costs between the 2 may vary significantly.
If space, setup time, setup ability and cost are not a factor... If desire for the strongest and most weatherproof are important... choose Trimline.

If cost, speed and ease of setup, weight are imporyant... choose R-2.

BTW, my R-2 has been in very bad storms. Never one drop of leak. Never moved or seemed like it could not handle it.
However I'm very confident. In a bad enough environment the R-2 would fail, well before my Trimline.
I am torn. I will not being a lot of shows. 3 or 4 a year. I will be by self probably and I like the R2 but looking at Trimline


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