• Very cool product, Peter.

    Here is an artist's website that may be helpful to you:

    Also, this site has lots of examples of clean looking sites that are attractive and modern:

    And if you'd like an expert who has been involved in advising artists about their websites, my son Scott Fox, a part of my sites from the start also offers his services at this link for a very reasonable price. It could save you a lot of time:

    • Those are great Connie and thank you for sending the examples

      • Good. Its really hard to create in a vacuum, Peter. I try to keep my sites clean as that is the current approach, the IndieMade sites are all so pretty -- but you could, of course, find a template that would show your grittier imagery.

        I know Dolan Geiman's site is very effective and I know Scott really gets the e-commerce part, that the site is there to "sell" and he has lots of strategic info.

  • Thank you any idea's?

    • Look at Google's home page and think simplicity.

      Larry Berman

  • I thought I answered earlier today?

    It's too busy. Can't get past the home page.

    Larry Berman

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