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I have a quick question...

Should I be nervous about applying to a show that was just listed in Call For Artists and the show date is very soon?

I worry that it is a first time show or there is something questionable about the event. But, then I might be just overthinking the "why are the still seeking exhibitors" factor.

If you have any input...I would love to hear it.

I am trying to fill some empty spots in my calendar...and am so curious if I should just "bite the bullet" and try some of these shows.

Thanks, Cheryl


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  • There are a lot of factors to consider. Location and time of year of the show. Whether there are any competing shows. Is it local, which means minimal expenses. Sometimes first time shows can surprise you and sometimes they can be disappointing. Does the organization or promoter have any other shows, and if so, what do artists say about them.

    You don't say what show it is. Have you tried calling the show organizers and discussing your fears?

    Nice attached picture...

    Larry Berman

    • Hey Larry...

      Nice to hear from you!

      First of all,...I use your pictures EVERYWHERE.I love them. But, ...I took a new booth shot that I feel is probably better than my first attempt and had been wanting to hire you to clean it up and make it the right size for, I need to get ahold of you.

      Thank you for your input. I am going to call the promoter. The show was The Stuart Bazaar in FL. I have been doing some commuting for shows down there and a friend helped me apply to shows that he felt I should come to...but, I applied in early fall and missed some deadlines. I would really like to get into a couple more shows if car and inventory are all down there...just not me.


      I am going to take your advice and do some research. And, let me know what your schedule is like for my photo.



      • Hi Cheryl

        Anytime you get me your display picture I can work on it.

        Larry Berman

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