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I'm always too late to reply to the "what are you doing this weekend" so I thought I'd post.

This weekend I'll be at Cain Park. Next weekend is the Central PA State College Show.

Wondering how Cain Park will be, as it's my first show back in Ohio since about 2010.

These are my first shows for 2016. I have my new Ipad and Square devices- hopefully ready to go!

Anyone else?

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  • Too darn hot to do any shows. The thermometer says it is 99 degrees today and it sure feels every biy correct. My next show is September and until then I will in my Barn (where the thermometer says 72 degrees) building up inventory and making a few design changes to my display. September will be here before you know it...

    • It's supposed to get up to 80 today in Jackson, WY. It has been in the 70's with cool mountain breezes. Thunderstorms are forecast, 45% chance, tomorrow. No mosquitoes and only an occasional black knat. I'll take that any day over the hot muggy east and Midwest.
      • Ahhhh. Wyoming. Home sweet home. It's in the low 70's here in Kirby today. It was hot this morning and has been for the last few days, but that cool breeze kicked in gear around lunch time and it's soooo sweet. WOOHOO!

        I'll be in Dubois on Tuesday probably around 11:00 a.m. to deliver art to the Headwaters Center. That's on the east side of Togwotee Pass. You going home that way or through Bondurant? I bet you'll be going home Monday, anyway.

    • Not sure which is worse, your high temps or the 55 degrees here in Maine and much of the Northeast right now. I had to buy a hoodie yesterday while on vacation since the heaviest clothing I had was t-shirts and polo shirts.
      • I'll gladly trade my hot muggy weather for that 55 degrees. I spent about 90 minutes outside riding around on my lawnmower this afternoon and could not have been more soaked if i would have jumped in the pool

        • Hey I am with you Greg!  55 is a winner any day down here.

  • Driving to New Orleans today to catch the train to Chicago. Then on to the commuter train to Indiana to pick up my truck that I left at a friends relatives house. Then on to Krasl. Wow I'm exhausted just thinking about all that. 

    • Sounds like a great trip. Hope Krasl is wonderful for you. In case you have been doing it for awhile and you knew her, the former director, the lovely Sara Shambarger, has been hospitalized this week (kidney stones) and we're all praying for them to go away. Fast.

      How long is that train ride? It is on my list of things to do.

      • The train takes 19 hrs. But you can't beat the price. This will be my 1st time at Krasl. I can certainly feel for Sara I get kidney stones often they are not fun.
    • Yes! I'm up about starting off with two shows back to back, but you have a LOT going on!

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