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Has anyone ever attempted to make their own cable hangers like the ones pro panels sell?

I built my own panels out of aluminum tubing (I actually think mine turned out nicer than what pro panel makes.  only difference is i used a square tube instead of a round).  So i'm looking to save a few bucks and make my own cable hangers.  I bought the tubing and waiting on the cable to come in.  when i get done i will post pictures and see if anyone has any interest, i should be able to do cheaper then pro panel! Below is a pic of my version of pro panels

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Panels look nice, I made my own also but with round electrical conduit and have built-in levelers. I just ordered some more cable hangers from pro-panels, they work great. I think making the hanger would be very easy but the clip a different story.

I found the clips from an importer from china. Only drawback is quantity I would have to buy at once.
What is the quantity total? You may be able to get enough interested people here to off set the cost.
What is the price?

I'll commit to thirty if the price is right. Most stuff from China is of an acceptable quality.

My experience is it's worth the risk.

I'm waiting on a quote from them in china. I found the same one pro panel is selling. They are around $1 a piece as of last quote but minimum order is 1800. Found some lighter duty ones with less on minimum buy but waiting to hear from them on price.

You can put me down for 40 of them if the price is good.

I got a price of $1.75 each on a different one not like pro panels. It looks a little smaller but is rated at 33lbs on a stainless steel cable. 15lbs on a nylon cable. Shipping will be the tricky part. Will cost me about $200-300 to get them here. So I'm thinking id have to sell for $4 to cover my cost possibly up to $5? Is that still a good price? I'll put a pic on later

$7 each at propanel. one would have to factor shipping from propanel as well.

So at the $4-5 range you guys would be interested?


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