• The back wall can be darkened. Currently it's making it difficult to see the objects on the wall.

    I'd take out the right hand French wall and put the cascading purses on the back wall left side. Raise the front left bar with the hanging clothes so people don't have to bend over to see them and put both dress forms on the right hand wall to fill in the space once the French wall is removed.

    Larry Berman

  • Hi Sara, The biggest problem is the backlight. The back wall (and roof) of the booth is brighter than the white pedestals. A better time of day or doubling up the back wall with the fourth canopy side would cut down on the backlighting. Then it would be easier to see what else needs tweaking.

    Larry Berman

    • I see what you mean Larry.  Unfortunately I'm not able to retake it in time for applications.  Is there any way to fix it digitally?

      • Yes the back wall is too bright and the pedestals are too dark but also the grass and the left and right sides are too dark - basically the overall lighting needs to be evened out. Also the right side cropped to the edge of the tent post. It can all be done digitally fairly easily - I do this sort of thing often for artists' booth and artwork images. 

        If you want you can contact me at and I'll give you a quote to fix it and prepare it for ZAPP. You can check my website for examples.

        Barry Vangrov

      • The backlighting isn't really that distracting to me, especially since it clearly defines the shapes of the work on the panels above and next to the pedestals. The work on the pedestals gets lost, really since it blends in with the pedestals a bit much. You could crop out some of the roof, but I did it myself to see how it looks and I think it makes the booth too horizontal. You could burn in some of that roof very easily, and you could also help balance it out by dodging the darker foreground. Be careful burning and dodging so you keep a more natural appearance. But none of it is that distracting to me to be a concern for me.

        We're seldom in perfect lighting conditions at a real show, but I managed to be in nearly perfect conditions at one show each season. Just keep your eyes peeled for what might be a better time of day. Quite possibly when the sun moved over the tree more, it affected adversely the appearance of everything in the front of the booth. SO you might have picked the best time for this booth location.

        • Thanks for the input.  We have since moved to a townhouse where setting up a tent is a "nono" so I have to drag everything to a friends house to set up.  I'm sure I will try another one when the weather cooperates but this will have to do for this round of applications!

  • The booth layout looks well balanced and the position of the diagonal side panels helps with the flow. So overall it's a very nice layout. The only problem with it for a booth shot might be that the back wall seems sparse since most of what's displayed there are small items, and you've used wide angle camera lens view which renders objects in the background as farther away than does normal perspective.

    Without seeing your jury images along with the booth image, I tend to look for the larger items and groupings to evaluate the work. I bet this booth shot would be perfectly fine for a jury panel to see when viewed with your three or four jury images. So what do you send for the jury images? A grouping of like designs, or simply single pieces?

    I understand your wide angle lens view is necessary since your physical position when photographing the booth has to be in closer, and that allows us to see more of the objects behind the diagonal panels. Seeing the grouping of scarves is very important here. Using a normal focal length or short telephoto focal length would not show as much work since you'd have to step back away from the booth to show it entirely.

    I agree with Christina--very nice work.

  • I think it looks spectacular!  I'm also a fiber artist and I must say that I love your work.  My only suggestion would be maybe a few more hats and bags on the back panel...looks kind of sparse right now, can you fill it in a bit more?  I've only done indoor shows, so others might have more helpful criticisms, but I would totally buy something from you!

    • During shows I definitely have more items but I worry about getting too crowded for the jurors!

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