Booth shot critique

Hi everybody!! I'm ready for application season!
After a couple of weeks of dodging crazy too sunny, too rainy, freezing weather, camera issues and Holidays, my Booth shot its ready or I like to think so. Now I need opinions or suggestions from my peers, thanks for any help, Lu



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  • I'd have to agree with Larry -- the tunnel effect is a bit exaggerated. You can always crop later if too much shows on the sides.

    But it's clean, uncluttered, simple. The four on the left wall don't seem to capture the space very well. I'd almost be tempted to bring the tan painting in the back to the front, move the triptych back, and stack the four small paintings in between. Or create a couple larger paintings ;-)

    All in all it looks professional. Good job on fixing the floor.

  • On closer look, your ground looks weird. Too liberal use of a cloning stamp tool. Too much of the same repetitive pattern.

    Larry Berman

  • Not bad. I don't care for the tunnel look. Maybe step back a few feet and use a more normal perspective lens or zoom setting. I don't like the staggered look of the four pieces on the left wall. Try arranging them under each other and make the tops of the top two pieces the same height as the tops of the rest of the pieces in the booth.

    Larry Berman

    • Thanks Larry, always good to get your advise.
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