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I have been working on the booth photo for Jury.. I think i am dialed in hopefully,,  

Wanted to know which photo is better for the photo bin placement,,  to the left middle, or on the left in the corner.  

Look forward to your opinions..


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I'm by no means any expert on this, Chris, as a newer artist myself...but I think the bottom photo with the bin at an angle is more pleasing.  Also, maybe you should rework the placement of the art on the right hand wall of the booth?  It doesn't have the same symmetry as the other two walls.

Hello Chris,

I agree with Sonja re. the bin and R wall.  Have you tried it center back (it will "disappear" a little)?  If you do, raise the pier image so they don't overlap.  But definately not so the bin only half obscures a piece.  This is not only distracting, it screams, "I'M HIDING STUFF BEHIND ME!!"  Or maybe leave it out completely...?

Now, my 2-cents... You do what I do... tend to want to show EVERYTHING.  Remember this is a representation of your booth, not an exact floorplan.  After all, there is no office stuff shown, no director chair, no packing station, etc.  Show fewer pieces -- just the larger ones -- the side walls will look full by virtue of the photo angle.  And, juries don't /WON'T take the time to study the image, so the less they have to percieve the better.  And, lastly, a nit to pick... remove the angled supports and the weights -- either manually or with Pshop.

Good Luck,

--Chris Fedderson

I like the 2nd photo better.  Mostly because of the angled bin.

The photo used to show your booth is not about bin placement but about your work. I'd use the photo with the bin minimized as it shows your work as the hero, not the bin. For the actual show, it should not matter. It's your work that gets you accepted.

It appears that you squeezed in the two verticals on either side of your center piece. You're not using Pro Panel hangers so most of your framed pictures are a little crooked. I like your bin at an angle but where are the matted prints? Your booth would look much better with consistent framing and the work needs to be hung symmetrically and balanced through out the booth. The lower pieces are too close to the floor. If you're setting up for the picture, you don't need those large weights in the picture. Then you can crop in tighter on the sides to the edge of the Pro Panels.

Larry Berman

Again back to the drawing board. Larry. Does the Booth photo not need to represent your actual layout. ? About how far from the floor. ?
I will now purchase the pro panel hangars. I was getting frustrated with the crookedness is was kinda windy a bit that day.
Seems like I have set up on 3 occasions now thinking I am closer to completeness and don’t feel like I have gained much ground for this booth photo. Last time I had to little photos. This time maybe to many. Somewhere i was told I need to show the weights? Arghhhh

Two rows down is fine but the work needs to be hung in a balanced symmetrical way with consistent framing. I wrote the gold standard article on how to photograph your booth and I never mentioned weights need to be shown. That's the same as showing your desk and chair and everything else you use but not need to show in a picture because it's assumed they will be there when you actually set up at a show.

The booth picture needs to be representative of what your display will look like at a show. Not exactly what it will look like and wouldn't unless you take the picture at a show.

Read this article:

The first picture is a nicely balanced photography booth.

Larry Berman


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