its been frustrating knowing what will work to get me even considered into a juried show,  I submittted before, but did not have pro panels, and well alot of folks here mentioned for me to get rid of the metal grids that I was using at the time..  So i did..

Was going to apply to some winter shows coming and the corner, in Florida. 

Wanted to see what you seasoned folks here would think, which photo would be best for a overall tent shot that they ask for..

Not sure where to put the Photo Bins?  

Not sure which photo will be best to use for the " Booth Photo" 


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  • Nice view under the panels. You need the canopy walls to eliminate distractions. And raise the tripod to eye level.

    larry Berman 

    • Larry

      Which photo works best of the 3?  I was wondering if I should have used the side walls or not... What it I am using awnings?  Should I have them attached? Or leave them out?   Chris

      • No awning because it will block the top of the booth and distract the jurors. Always have the canopy sides hanging behind the walls to cut down on distractions.

        Read my article.

        All three booths have only large pieces and will have jurors question if you have smaller work.

        Larry Berman

        • Yes I have a ton of smaller work..  Framed.. I thought less was more for jurors..   12x24s and 18x24s.  

          • Add a few smaller under the large pieces in a balanced symmetrical way, keeping the color or theme the same.

            Larry Berman

            • Sounds Good!  Thanks..  What about the photo bins.. Leave them out.. Or which photo you like the best with them?  

              • You need at least one bin if you intend to use bins at shows,

                larry Berman 

  • I like your last one but first things first. Please please do something with your floor. That big stain on what I assume is concrete is the first thing I notice about your booth. A waterproof floor covering isn't that hard to find. The one I got is from J J Sunshades (rvmat.com) and comes in many colors and custom sizes. It is woven of some vinyl-like material but doesn't mildew when put away wet (unlike my tent sides!) and is heavy enough to lie flat on grass. Plus it folds neatly into a tote that they give you. Call them up and they will send you samples. 

    The only other thing that I am concerned about is that you are displaying only 5 large pieces which makes your booth look a little bare. Do you offer framed, smaller sizes? If you could add them, It would make the display more visually interesting  plus it would give your customer a better idea of what size to order (assuming you take orders.)

    I think the print bins are nice looking and could go anywhere. 

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