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Hi everyone! I'm working towards getting out in the art fair world this year. I've attached a photo of my booth and would am open to feedback. Currently, I'm working with panels created from large screen doors, with a goal of purchasing mesh panels or ProPanels in the future. 

A note, the curtains were ironed; however, they do not look as crease less as I would like them to be. The weather was typical winter Washington weather (lots of rain!), and a deadline was fast approaching, so I was not able to spend as much time on this photo as I would have liked. I'm planning on taking a better picture (with any suggestions given) once the weather clears up.

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When asked to evaluate a booth picture like this I first ask what level of shows are you going after.

For the better shows, the booth picture needs to be a three walled booth. I prefer shooting from halfway between the left side and the center showing something of the left wall and featuring the back and right walls. Also having your small pieces laid out on a table draws attention to them. I suggest eliminating the table and hanging the smaller pieces on the left wall so you can see them, but they don't become the focus of the booth.

In this picture, the fabric looks messy. I know you said it was ironed but that doesn't excuse the way it looks to the jury. There's a big white space in the corner where the walls don't meet. I hate to say this but you should save up and either use Pro Panels (or Armstrong Panels) or mesh walls to be competitive if the shows you are wanting to apply to are the better shows. But, if your pieces were bigger what you're using for the display might work better because the art would be the focus instead of the display.

Larry Berman

Thanks Larry, I appreciate the feedback. As my goal is to do the better shows, I may just forgo this set up and buy ProPanels or mesh panels.


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