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Hello everyone.  First art show is this weekend in Reston... I am SOO EXCITED!!!

I showed pictures of my booth last year and received a lot of great critique.  Thank you! Here are some updates on my new booth.  I basically re-did everything.  I am really happy with it now.  

I did have one question.  When submitting my booth photo for jury, do you prefer the image that is centered or the image that is off center?  I kind of prefer the Off Center because of the orientation of the display case... you can see all the art.  

Thanks for any input in advance.  

This was the old set up.  

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If you've shot wider then the booth, it's relatively easy to square up the walls on left and right so the booth doesn't look like things are crooked or falling over. And definitely remove the poster with your name on it, or remove your name from the poster.

Larry Berman

Thank you Larry! 


I think straight on looks best. The walls are slanted due to parallax (converging parallel lines). They can easily be straighten in Photoshop but you need a much wider shot to allow room for cropping. Or.. get your camera lower, look at the LCD and you can get them straighter. 

Hi, I am just getting into shows and purchased an Abstracta display system, is that what you went with in the top picture? If so, I would like to ask you a few questions! Thanks, Shellie

Yes, I have an abstracta.  Let me know your questions... happy to help


Thank you, how do you store the sections? My pieces are heavy (I bought the system used so don't know if the newer pieces are lighter) and carrying them is tough. I decided to use plexiglass rather than glass, they are heavy as well. I guess my questions are more about process than system! Thanks, Shellie


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