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This year will be our first time doing the Boardwalk Art Show in Virginia Beach and I could use some advice about tent weights. We have a trimline tent and use 4 weights that are made from 2x2 bar stock and weigh about 50 lbs each. We do several shows a year and I'm normally pretty confident that we have sufficient weight to survive fairly strong winds but I have heard some horror stories about VA Beach.


I notice in the show paperwork that they suggest using 10 gallon buckets and filling them with sand.  Is this typically what everyone does for that show? Do you use the sand from the beach? Do I need one bucket for each front post, and then just tie off to the rail at the back?


We never applied to this show in the past because I always worried about the weather and setup conditions. This year we decided to give it a try so now I’m stressing. I would greatly appreciate any advice that I could get.

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Put the 4 weights in the front of your tent (2 per leg, 100lbs each leg) and get 50 yards of heavy rope to tie down the back of Trimline to steel railings that go along the boardwalk. 200lbs on the front and securely tied down in the back should work fine. Forget the sand... containers are clunky and often a pain to walk around.

I would say the same thing as what Leo said.

Larry Berman
Thanks Leo and Larry! That's reassuring.

I use 60 lbs of weight on each leg, tie off to the back rail and then add my old weights (8 gallon water bottles) to the front.

This is the link to the photo I posted on facebook of my weight system at Va. Beach.

 Thanks Alison. The pic really helps me to get an idea of what I need to plan for. 


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