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I've been excepted to the Bloomin’ Arts Festival in Bartow, FL near Lakeland. Not paid my entry fee yet has anyone done this show and would you recommend it. I'm a wildlife and landscape artist seeing if it's any good for painters. I just did the Osceola Art Festival in Kissimmee and it was more a lookers event than any one really buying artwork. Not very many did well at all. Anyway any help will be appricated before I drive from Atlanta to Lakeland to lose more money that I don't have.


Mike Brown

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Curious about this type of question.

What did you hear about the show that made you apply?

Larry Berman

I didn't it has a lot in prize money that and that got my attention is why and so did the Kissimmee show but it was a flop to have so many good artisians in the show. Also told to check this site for reviews etc and there wasn't any on this show so I thought I'd ask before I spend the money for the booth fee.

I did a Florida show once that had a lot of prize money. I sold something like $87 on Saturday, and with a forecast of rain all day Sunday, I packed Saturday night and left. It rained for a full week straight. That's when I stopped applying to filler shows. I rarely win awards so that's not my criteria for applying.

Larry Berman

Mike did you mean accepted, rather than excepted?  Just wondering.

If I were you, I would not drive all the way from Atlanta for this show, small potatoes.

It would be a lot like your Kissimmee experience. 

Yes accepted, I got in from Kissimmee at 2 am and was back it at 9 am just a bit tired. I'll take you up on your wisdom about the show. I really can't afford another experience like the show in Kissimmee, several artist did do ok but the majority not. If you have any lines on any other good shows in Florida or the southeast love to know about them. Like a lot of folks it's my only income at the moment my real job went up like a puff of smoke. Had a architectural rendering company for 16 yrs. when that market fell so did my work. Been somewhat of a good thing got me back to doing what I love which is art. Been chasing Duck Stamp competitions and finally after 2 1/2 yrs. won Iowa Duck Stamp this past Friday. Anyway back to work didn't mean to spill my life on your comment but thanks a lot. Cheers Mike


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