Hi all, So sorry if this questions been posted before, but my quick search couldn't find anything. Okay, so my studio is small and I've got to try to clear out some old paintings that just haven't sold. I've got a few shows coming up and I thought about maybe having a area off to the side where I could keep those paintings as my "sale section" discounted heavily at 20-50% off. Is this tacky? Do you think this will hurt the sales of my newer full priced pieces? Thoughts? TIA

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  • I wouldn't call it a sale or clearance (as others mentioned, a lot of shows specifically prohibit that), just mark them down and keep them in a separate section. 

    I've also done a "Pay What You Like" bin (I was inspired by Amanda Palmer's TED talk and some other new models of artists making money from their work, like Patreon). Older work, or prints with minor flaws, that I was sick of seeing all went in, and frequently people bought it for more than the price I had originally set!

    • There was a thread on "Pay What You Like"  a while back for those interested.

      • Jim that thread was before my time here so bookmarked it so I can go check it out later when I have more time.  Thanks!

  • Jeannine, I bet you could sell all of your old paintings at the Art Fair Garage Sale that Bonnie Blandford and Michael Kifer run.  The people were really in a buying frenzy and many artists sold out way before the show was over.  It is held in Kalamazoo in February.  It was great this year.  Many artists look forward to this show because it is a great opportunity to get rid of all the art work you want out of your studio.  Plus, we saw an occasional odd item that an artist was trying to get rid of like a microwave oven. 

    Of course, I know you probably want to get rid of that stuff now but you should really think about trying to get into this show.  Click on the link to read a review I wrote about this show this past February:


    • Thanks All... Jackie, I live in California and have two school aged kids so I only do local shows. I wish there was something like that out here in the west.
      • Still not close enough for you, Jeannine, but there is an Affordable Arts Festival in Denver, Colorado in late August as well. Nothing in the show over $100; artists bring work that is a different technique, where their focus has changed, or just hasn't sold. Quite well attended.

        Info here http://www.affordableartsfestival.com/

  • I have some things I want to move because they have been around too long .... in MY view.  I am tired of looking at them.  The good thing is one of them sold on Etsy today.  I am going to work on a section for my booth for those things I want to move.  I hesitate in calling it "clearance".  I just may do the crossed out price with a new price type thing as someone mentioned.  However my next show is not till June.  In the mean time I will probably increase the number of items in my sale section on Etsy.  I am inclined to rename it something instead of the current "sale section" .... something more appealing.  Not sure what though.

  • I have a section about 1' wide with 4 peg board hooks, well inside my booth, at the end of the belts where I have discounted belts. Although I advertise that "all custom belt sales are final" people make mistakes measuring etc., and I resell these "mistake" belts at 20% off retail. Some are in between sizes and some have buckles. Prices range upward of $40. A 8 1/2 x11 list in sheetholder is all that is displayed. I have had no objections to this. 

  • I've sold old flip bin work by using a separate bin with a price sign on it. No mention of sale or clearance as that was frowned on by many shows. I would definitely keep the old work together, possibly with a small price sticker and a crossed out old price replaced with the new price.
  • Depends on you handle it. Could be tacky, could be professional looking. Try to keep the signage low key, and engage customers who are looking at your recent work. If they seem reticent to buy because of price, steer them to the "clearance" section. I don't know if I would bill it as clearance, but you could find some other way of handling it discreetly. Some shows frown on discounting via promo signs of any kind, others are "anything goes".

    It likely won't hurt your newer work if you price all your work based on size, effort and style. I would just try to get folks who want a bargain to pop for the lower priced work.

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