I apologize if this question has been asked and answered....I've tried to search on this forum but could not find an answer to my questions so here goes. 

I am doing my first "professional" booth shot and do not have a show until November, so need to take the shot at home.  I have propanels that cover three sides minus a 2 foot doorway in the back. Is it ok to have an open doorway in the booth shot? I don't want what is showing through the doorway to be a distraction.

I thought about ordering the extra panel for the purpose of the booth shot (I want the open doorway at shows) but propanels.com does not have that size in the color I need.

Also, I live in south Florida and want to take my booth shot within the next month (because of deadlines), which means I don't want to do it outdoors right now. My family room is open with high ceilings so the canopy will fit, and as a photographer, I have the lighting.  I have a tile floor which is beautiful and subtle in colors, but not sure if a tile floor would be appropriate in a booth shot.

Thank you so much!

Susan Oliver


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  • Make sure the canopy walls are behind the panels, especially important on the open doorway. That way nothing distracting is showing. If you want me to edit your booth picture I can add a panel in the open space if you take a picture before hanging your artwork.

    Larry Berman

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