Hi guys!

Annette here from Downunder (Australia)!  Hope this finds all my old friends well! I am still in the biz and I see your posts in my email and pop into the site but have turned into a lurker! 

However, I need Stateside advice and here is the first place I thought I could ask :)  You might recall I'm in a rural area here in Australia and most of my shows are within a few hours, they tend to the small rather than large size, and I've done well.  But the combination of an ongoing drought (heading into our 2nd year) reducing spending dramatically in rural areas, AND getting older means I want to pull back on shows (except the very profitable ones or ones I love to do) and increase my online sales.   To this end I've been beavering away through 2019 and sales online (via website and facebook) have increased, but are still small compared to in person sales.  

While searching for information I came across the "Artist Marketing Formula" which appears to be solely about marketing on facebook for artists/artisans/craftspeople etc. As I already sell through FB I know it can work, and getting a 'playbook' of how to get FB to work for you rather than against you is appealing!

The program is by Dave Emmons from Vermont who makes hanging water gardens (blown glass I believe) and he sounds convincing, but the cost is fairly high at $1000USD ($1600AUD) and I am so resistant to paying for marketing especially when you still have to do it yourself!  

So, I would love to know if anyone has done his program / heard of someone who has done the program and what they thought and if it was worth the $$?

Thanks in advance :)

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  • I took the CreativeHive class last year.  I think it was 997.00  To me it was worth the money but a lot of parts I wasn't able to utilize.  If you are already on Shopify and MailerLite it won't do a lot of good since a lot of it was step by step instructions of how to set those up.  Some of it was useless for me.  It does have a section on wholesale which might be useful for some but not for me.  It did talk a lot about moving to a production shop, ie getting someone else to do the work, which is definitely not my gig.  I think I have a much better website and email system afterwards though.

    • Hi Alison,

      I think you are referring to another online class. My course is called The Artist Marketing Formula. I do not teach about wholesale, specifically because I teach you how to find all of the retail business you could ever want or handle.

      My course is focused on teaching artists how to find their exact customers and establish a sustainable, successful online future.

      I have a free Masterclass that I teach each week, and you can register for that class here; https://event.webinarjam.com/register/2/5426nun

      Let me know if you have any questions at all. I am here to help.

      To your success,


      Artist Marketing Formula™
      Step By Step Success With Facebook Marketing™
      Yes, you can call me
      Cell 802-236-2566

  • Love the program.

    I feel like it handles the biggest marketing stumbling blocks I’ve had easily.

    Since getting it I make better choices and I’ve sold more work online. I’m not using the marketing part to one/10th what he has offered, but I do know that until I have my website up to speed and production ready to handle the influx I’m holding off on unleashing the power I see there.

    I joined in November. His covid response was excellent. It’s worth your money for sure
  • Connie & Larry-what do you think?
    • Ann Marie, I find it terribly exhausting to learn all of these things on my own and am pleased to get some help. When you think of all the overhead to participate in art fairs, if I can learn things from others to help make my life easier I am willing to pay for them. I know David has done a lot of work on this. It is very helpful information and he does a lot of individual coaching, which is worth a lot. He offers free starts ... I don't think you have much to lose and since you're off the road it is a good time to give it a try. 

  • Has anyone actually bought and used this program?
    • Hi Ann Marie,

      I'd like you to have access to some of my students, and you can reach out to them for any answers to your questions about my Lifetime Access Course and Coaching Program. You can also call me at any time...my Cell Number is 802-236-2566

      Here are a few email addresses of students that have given me permission to share their contact information. Below that, are a few student testimonials and below that some student websites.

      Teri Stratford- autumnemeraldsart@gmail.com

      Jennifer Charton Painter (NY) goddessrockstararts@gmail.com

      Gretchen KISH Serrano Painter (FL) gretchen@pawpalettes.com

      Vincent Pearson Photographer (OH) vincent@vincentpearsonphotography.com


      You should hear what students have to say about the course and coaching program.

      Gretchen; https://vimeo.com/374539790; Vincent; https://vimeo.com/403707567

      Alison; https://vimeo.com/402602530

      Course Reviews:

      “Hey David,

      I have been implementing your class to my new FB Page: Laura Langston Visual Artist for about 4 days now.  And I just wanted to tell you that I just got a sale of one of my paintings... $500.00!  I am so very excited about your course and coaching. I am addicted to learning how to do this, my husband has said that I have turned into a hermit because I don't want to stop to even eat! 

      Just wanted to thank you again, you are amazing.”

      Laura Hannah, Visual Artist, Bedford, Texas

      "I was hesitant about purchasing David's program. We get so many solicitations about how someone can help us with marketing, but I've got to tell you, it's money well spent. I've gotten through Module One and even though I have a Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, I've learned so much already. I've been implementing David's tips and I'm excited to see what's next. Thank you, David, your program is well put together and it's so useful."

      Norma Lee Pfaff

       “HI David,

       I hope your day is off to a good start. The conference call yesterday was great. I feel really connected to the program, and it becomes real when you can actually talk to your mentor, and peers.

      In the beginning, when I signed on, I was such a skeptic. There are a lot of false products out there, pretending to be something real. But as soon as I started implementing your strategies, the results were there.

      Right away. Amazing! I have nothing but good things to say about the program.

      It is easy to follow, you can pause, implement, and learn some more at your own pace.  I still am only 20% in, but all the things I implemented are working as promised.

      I like the pace of the course and the information in invaluable!!! There are so many little things, that make me more adapt to the fast pace of Facebook.

      I have been on Facebook for a good long while now, but learned about as much about it in the last 2 weeks, as I did in the last 8 or so years.

      This is a super exciting time for me, and my husband is equally excited.

      Have a great day.”

        ~Gea Hines, Jeweler - Greenlawn, NY

      "I can't thank you enough. Being able to count on regular daily sales on my website has literally changed my life. I no longer worry about having to have a full schedule of shows.

       I am now more relaxed and enjoy spending more time in my studio creating. I am so glad I invested in this course. The positive change to my business is priceless."

       - Glenda Jennings, Artist, Seattle, WA

      “Good morning David! Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your work with “step by Step” So far I’ve had a few hours to spend with it and its GREAT! worth every penny! I’m so excited!!! I have to do another 700 mile trip today, can’t wait to get it behind me so I can get back to your course. Make it a great day! Thanks again!”

      ~Bruce Kaiser, Franksville,  WI

       "David, I could not wait another minute to send this email. As you know I'm a pet portrait painter and I do a lot of commission work, and I'm not cheap. I never thought it would be possible to land a commission job with your strategies, but I told my husband that I would give it a try anyway. Boy was I wrong! I launched one of your simpler strategies the other day and within 24 hours I have landed an $11,000 commission job and the over-nighted, cashier's check arrived in the mail today!! Woo Hoo! I will never doubt the power of what you teach again.

      Thank you for changing my future!"

      Gretchen S., Fort Meyers, FL

       “Getting my Artist page set up is already paying off and I don't even have a shop yet! Last night I got a message from the arts commissioner at MSP International Airport asking if I had 15 min in the next few days to talk about possibly doing some work at the Airport!

      I checked my stats and one person clicked my find out more button yesterday... First click and Voila! The phone call went great too! He said he loved what I said in the story on my page and started quoting it back to me by heart! Ha! does he know I am only through module two of David’s course??

      He is setting up a tour and meeting with the exhibition coordinator and the architect for the new mother baby rooms! He had a lot of different angels and possibilities of how they can get my work into the Airport. Very impressive. I know if I was not diligently ...slow as it may seem, working on making my work accessible through Step-by-Step, this connection would not have happened.”

      Mary Jane Mansfield, Minneapolis, Minnesota

      Just a handful of students;









      To your success,


      If you wish to attend my free Masterclass, you can register here   https://event.webinarjam.com/register/2/5426nun

      Artist Marketing Formula™
      Step By Step Success With Facebook Marketing™

      Yes, you can call me - Cell 802-236-2566

  • Hello, artist friends. I've been away from AFI for quite a while, which is to say my wife and I are slowing down a lot more than I ever expected we'd be.

    I just accessed my Instagram @barrielynnbryant and saw the ad from Dave Emmonds and his "Artist Marketing Formula" for the first time. The ad says the classes which start today are FREE. That doesn't mean it'll be worth the time to take it. I didn't sign up for anything, but I found the offer interesting, because I have absolutely no Facebook knowledge since I've never had an active account, but I want to start trying to sell this way.

    I am active on Instagram and actually enjoy that kind of social media outlet as much as I like what goes on here at AFI. Instagram and AFI are completely different outlets, though. I've been away from AFI because we're doing so few shows anymore due to health and inability to travel to our best market. That was always Florida, and our home/studios are in Wyoming 2000 miles away from that market. So I'm starting to try to sell online, or at least to use the social media services to attract a gallery or other outlet to sell closer to home for me. This is very important right now.

    I've only read a few posts above mine about this Vermont artist's Facebook marketing program. Thanks for posting about it, everyone. I think we can all learn the basics of Facebook Business Page marketing through basic online tutorials that aren't targeting specific groups such as artists. As with everything we do, we're all different and all must find our own way to our customer. Using AFI is a great way to help one another, and I'm thankful for it once again. Thanks a million, Connie and all on AFI! WOOHOO!

    • How wonderful to see you pop up here again, Barrie. I hope you and AB are getting those health issues under control.

      As far as the Facebook marketing seminars, the way I look at it is we're all juggling so many things, reaching out in any way using social media does take a lot of time, but if I can swing it paying someone to help me learn it faster (hence hoping for rewards sooner) I'd do it. Dave understands our business, as do others if you can find them. Yes, you can do it yourself, but why invent if someone has already done it? 

  • Be aware this guy and his program may cost you customers. He continually hits you will his sales pitches. Even after he has been told not to.

    Doing this will alienate your clientele. 

    Hammering potential customers after they show no interest and tell you no, does not win sales. It causes animosity. 

    Run form this guy.

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