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I'm in the process of planning a workshop for new artists.  A recent post on another forum made me think of a topic I need to add - artist etiquette. So what has your artist neighbor done that has really pissed you off lately? What do you want the newbies to know about how to act?

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  • Custer isn't one of those.  Star Productions put on that type of show.  They are horrible.  You are expected to stay til the drunken wee hours of the night.

    Custer is a fun fair to go to, variety of food and entertainment.  Unfortunately the commercial section has grown and the arts and crafts section is shrinking.  

    • It's still the same people, Special Events Management,, whatever multitude of names they go by. I was snookered by some of their name changes a couple of years ago and signed up for the Evanston Fountain Square show. After I realized who it was, it was too late to get a refund. I bailed rather that throw anymore money at it for gas and lodging to do the show.
      • I have searched this entire thread. There is not a single mention of either Special Events Management or, so it is a bit difficult to understand what you are talking about.

        Please elaborate. Are you saying there are crooked companies who sign people up for art fairs and then don't deliver in some way?

        • It was in response to the Custer Street Fair post by Donna five posts further upstream. It's promoted by Chicago Special Events, not Star Productions. CSE utilizes several names. Their shows are loud rowdy street parties with the emphasis on selling brats, beer, and having loud music. Art takes a back seat in those conditions. In addition the times I had done their shows in the past, despite warnings by other artists, I found them to be not well thought out in terms of artist set-up and tear down. I won't do their shows again. Ever.

          • To Robert:  That's really ashamed the Fountain Square has turned into that type of fair.  It used to be a very nice art fair.  Custer is run by itself. 

            Please don't judge Chicago by a few bad shows there are plenty of high quality shows in Chicago...57th Street Art Fair, Port Clinton in Highland Park to name a couple.

            • Custer is listed on the CSE web site, although I think they acquired the management of it in the last few years.

              there are still plenty of good shows in the area :-) I'll be in Deerfield this weekend for a show that was good for me last year.
              • That's very interesting.  I'm doing Custer this year and nowhere did it say CSE.  But I looked at CSE site and they claim to be managing it.  So I guess they are doing behind the scenes on it.  The application wasn't through Zapp it was an online from them. 

                Good luck in Deerfield.

              • Thanks for all the insight on the Chicago show circuit. Does anyone know of good shows in the Cleveland/Columbus, Ohio area?

          • So, do I conclude correctly that this only applies to Chicago area events? And that someone like me, who will NEVER put a foot in Chicago, need not be concerned?

            • Yep. It applies specifically to one promoter, Chicago Special Events, and no others in Chicago. 

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