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Has anyone done this show recently? All the reviews I find are old and it is a show with a high fee, so trying to determine if it makes sense to add to my schedule.

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Not done the show. Have heard it is absolutely horrible . Run Away!
Thanks I was on the fence because of other commitments. I won't add to my stress level.

I did this show and the one in San Antonio a couple years back - horrible events.  The B&M stores hate the fact that there are artist tents outside their storefronts, and they do not support these events.  Load-in time is very compressed as a result, with lots of inconvenient restrictions placed on the artists in order to placate the stores.  There is NO visible evidence of any marketing by the organizer - she instead relies on foot traffic at the shopping venue - and it is woefully insufficient. Most shoppers are there to go a pre-determined destination store and walk right past the art event.  Don't waste your time or money.

Thank you.
Double ditto, and I even live in Austin. Friend worked at the Domain near the show and didn’t know it was going down. Friends who live in the area saw just one 1x2’ sign roadside anywhere.


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