“The Other Art Show. ” This is the indoor one at the Varied Industries Building, held at the same time as the big one downtown at the end of June.


Any past participants have a map? I’m wondering if any area is better than others. I will choose indoors, but don’t know beyond that. I didn’t see a map on their site. Thanks!

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  • To anyone who has done the show before... do you know if a trimline canopy frame will fit the 10x10 space? This is my first show and don't have an indoor setup yet. I'm concerned the trimline will be too large to fit. Also, how's the lighting?

    • What kind of booth setup do you have?  If you have propanels, you won't even need the tent, and I recommend not using a tent.  I did it last year. Load in is hectic and brutal.  The fewer items you need to take in the better.

      • Kale, your set up is exactly what I was planning on doing. I have a trimline, which is a deal :). I've also just order gridwalls. Maybe I'll just stick with the gridwalls only. Thanks for sharing your booth shot!!

    • I don't know this particular show, Jennifer, so I can't address situations such as "The 10x10 space is actually 9 feet, 10 inches wide." (I know it happens.)  But if they have given you an honest 10x10 space the trimline will work. 

      I have used my Trimline for indoor shows just by not setting up the roof part.  It is a little tricky to hoist it up and secure the legs, as it "feels" unstable without the weight of the canopy on the roof, but it can be done.  (Get someone to help you as you hoist it!). Attach the horizontal Sta-Bars (the horizontal bars that sit just off the ground on three sides)  as soon as you have the frame standing; without the weight of the canopy, the frame is VERY wobbly without them. 

      As for lights, again I don't know the specifics of the venue but I've never done an indoor show where my art looked worth a nickel using the existing lighting.  If you only have three inexpensive clamp-type floodlights from Home Depot for this show it will still be worth it.  Just put one each in the top front corners of your rig and another in the center and you'll be all set.  (Use Zip-ties or duct tape to secure the cords along the poles.)  Give yourself extra time to get the lighting set up, and don't forget a small stepladder and some extension cords! A multi-plug strip outlet or two would be useful, too.)  Good luck

      • Thanks Geoff!!  Lots of very valuable information. Since it's my first show, I'm extremely nervous about getting things "just right"!  Do you have any recommendations with lighting? I found some clamp on flood lights as you suggested. But reading through a few threads here on lighting, I'm just getting more and more confused. I want good lighting, but don't want to cook my customers :)  Do halogens work best?  Thanks again!!

      • I think you will want lights. There were very high and I found the color to be off for my fiber and it seemed dark to me. I always bring my lights. And as far as space size, mine was something like 10 wide x 13 deep. Hope to meet you all there! Good luck!

        • I do so few indoor shows that I had not actually thought ahead to which set up to use. I can do free standing for indoors but much prefer to use my canopy and everything is more stable attached to it. I can’t use the sides if I leave off the top for the sake of light (the sides zip to the top), but just having the frame is useful.  


          Rose, do most artists seem to use their canopy frames, and they fit? Thanks.

  • I was happy when I found out I was wait-listed for this show instead of rejected.  I applied kind of spur of the moment, because I am not happy with the pictures that I used.  I am from there (sort of) so decided rather than wait till next year I'd give it a try.

  • Thanks to all of you. Yes, I heard that traffic was lighter on a good weather weekend. No way to plan for that, though.


    Rose, David, you don’t still happen to have a booth map, do you? Did they have them in the first place? I emailed the director and she said no map was available. Before I send in my booth fee and space request I wanted to at least see where the loading entrances are. I have a heavy and complicated display. Dollying can add an hour to my set up, but if I have to haul all the way across an exhibition hall, it’ll be that much worse. But good customer traffic trumps ease of dollying.


    If you don’t have a map, can you help me to visualize it in some way? I’m assuming a big rectangular space. Most such halls have the customer entrance on the opposite side from where exhibitors load in. Was loading from one end, or were there multiple load in entrances? Just thought of something….is it dolly in, or drive in? I’ve had drive in loading in an exhibit hall only once: felt very weird to drive inside a building.

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