I love this fall weather. In most parts of the country these are lovely temperate days, just perfect for art fairs. This coming weekend brings a lot of good ones all over including a 5  suburban shows in Chicago, a Rose Squared show in Upper Montclair, NJ, an HA event in Baltimore, Funky Ferndale (MI), the Guild show in Westlake, OH, Paragon in Silver Spring, MD, and lots more.

I'm going to be in Atlanta at the Atlanta Arts Festival and would love to meet you. Will you be there?

Tell us more -- where can we meet each other? Where is this business taking you?

(I love that "Red Dot" visiting Yosemite with Brian & Leslie Jensen!)

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  • Linda, can you tell me how the Baltimore Inner Harbor event was?  I'm considering it for this summer.

    • I did not do too well but if I did jewelry. I would def consider it.   How long is the drive?


      • I'm in Savannah, GA, so it would be an all day drive.  I am considering stacking it with another show up north (Shadyside).

        • I think you will do well in Shadyside also!  The guy next to us there said he sold about 500 pair of earrings!

  • no show this weekend but busy getting ready for St. James
  • I'll be an artist at Funky Ferndale in Ferndale, Michigan, this weekend.  I am so glad the weather is going to be beautiful after so many art shows this summer in the 90's.
  • Rittenhouse Square in Philly booth #9. I really like the fall show.
  • we will be heading to the howard alan event at Baltimore's inner harbor
  • Funky Ferndale. I plan to be leaving in about 3 hours :-)
  • This is going to be the first fall like crisp weekend and I'm doing an apple festival near Albany, NY. The colors are starting to come out and it's apple season. Not a big show, but a fun little show a couple hours from home.
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