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Good morning dear friends! 

I have two questions and would love some vetted feedback, please: 

1. Does anyone have any information on Carefree Art Fair? Is it suitable for artists selling in the $2k to $6k range? 

2. What are the tax/permit laws for out-of-state vendors? Can we use our California resell license, or do we need to register in the state of Arizona?


Thank you so much! 

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  • I applied for the Kierland and Carefree shows. Accepted to Kierland and waiting on Carefree. I'm new to shows and traveling from San Diego so even if accepted, not sure if it makes sence to rent truck/van/trailer as I have a 10x20 flourish and lots of propanels to transport along will all my art. Any feedback on the Kierland show? My photography is on Canvas, Metal and Acrylic, most of it is ocean but figure I would spend some time shooting in AZ once I decide to attend since my son lives in Phoenix. Price range is $300 to $5,000 most under $1,500. 

  • Hi David,

    What Kate wrote is accurate re the state requirements - you will need a "TPT" license (Transaction Privelege Tax aka state tax license - what a "privelege" LOL) through, with Carefree listed as a "Region". 

    I'm doing this show for the first time this fall and just checked - it's a little unclear to me whether a Carefree business license is required, since the page says a license is NOT required for "Temporary/transient businesses operating with a vendor’s permit". Furthermore, my acceptance email lists the booth fees and states that "space fees are as follows: (amounts below include Town of Carefree's $45 vendor permit.)" So it kinda sounds to me like a business license with the town is not needed. If I find out differently I'll try to post an update here.

    This will be my first time participating, but I've visited the show in the past and it's a high quality show, I would think $2K-$6K would fit in just fine. My own range is about $200 - $3500.

    Hope this helps!



    • Phil Webster were you able to get your license? 

    • Thanks David!

      I, too, will reach out to them with questions. As a new art show participant, I am constantly surprised and the inaccuracy of info to the artists. Makes me want to start my own! Maybe we will, in Sonoma County, California! 

      Have a fabulous day!

  • I grew up in AZ so decided to do Tubac in 2006. Old story but relavant to taxing authioruty which I hope has improved. Post show I paid my sales tax. A couple weeks later I get a refund check of taxes paid. Sent email asking why, No reply from them. A couple months later I get notice of unpaid sales tax with interest on it. I saved all documentation with canceled checks from original payment. Sent another check for tax amout and told them to stuff their interst charge. End of story and decided to not do shows in AZ. The place has changed too much for me. 

    • Wow! That sounds awful, but glad you didn't get hassled anymore. I would feel the same and will think about this. Thank you for sharing! 

      • I usually got hassled with out of state shows because I am a Sub-S corporation. They look at you differently than sole propritorships. TX was another bad one. The last time I checked on CA they wanted $2K, yes a $2K deposit paid upfront for sales taxes. I am a Sub-S because of the liabilty associated with saddles. Now I stay home in CO, do shows in resort areas and use them as mini vacations out of the studio. It's profitabler too.


  • I don't know about Carefree since I've only done Fountain Hills and Flagstaff Art in the Park, but AZ requires you sign up for both a state license (at and a city/county license (each city/county has their own procedure/application). It's a pain but I've found the shows in AZ to be worth the trouble. However, that being said, my highest price point is $500-$600.

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