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So I'm pretty new to this Art fair thing and I recently got into a fair. When I looked over the application there was no mention of the fact that for the two day fair, vendors are expected to set up at 6 am and at 5 pm pack up all inventory for the night (I assume becausee of no security), only to have to return the next morning at 6am to set up again for a fair the doesn't get going until 10 am...... This sounds nuts to me, but maybe I'm all wrong. Could some insight be given on my possibly skewed perspective, or am I right in thinking this way? Thanks!!!

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  • After you have zipped your tent, take a zip-tie (a.k.a. "cable ties", available in packs of 50 or so at hardware and computer stores), and secure the inside and outside zippers together.  True, a crook could cut the tie, but the trick is to make it difficult /time consuming for them to gain access. 

    • Geoff, I have leather "ties" with slot and leather button through grommets on four corners of my tent. Not something the casual crook could deal with in the dark. Also a "mine field" of hand truck, ladder, saddle stands etc. inside that could make a lot of racket. What happened to the guy on AFI who had an air horn(?) hooked up to a motion sensor?
      • Hadn't heard about that. Funny
        • I use a modified smoke detector with a trip wire inside my canopy.
          • How do you make this? Has it ever gone off from people or critters tripping it. Sounds interesting.
  • I talked with the show coordinator and she said they just have to say that for liability reasons. This is in a Manhattan Beach which is a upscale neighborhood and there will be security. She said most artist just zip up for the night. I have way too much to deal with packing up and re-displaying... I'll be zipping up. Thanks for the feedback! phew!!!

  • How long would it take you to pack up your inventory at the end of the day and set it up again prior to the show? Once my booth is set up and all the displays are in place most of the work is done.  Packing up and/or unpacking and placement only takes about 10-15 minutes. If it doesn't take you a long time then it just might be worth it for the peace of mind. I couldn't imagine going there 4 hours before the start of the show to do something that can be done is 15 minutes.

  • A lot of shows suggest taking inventory out at night to avoid liability.  I've noticed that most artists, except jewelers, leave their work up for the night anyway.  I suggest getting in touch with other artists who have done the show and prepare yourself to take out your inventory if you see a lot of other artists doing the same.

  • A small show? You'll probably see the experienced exhibitors leaving their work up at night unless it's a fringe area. I would.

    Larry Berman
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