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I am about to submit my first application for a show. It is the Jackson Hole Art Fair this coming Summer. These are watercolours, all in 16"x20" formats.

What can I do about the visible signatures? Would a mask/box covering the sig be too distracting?

Or would it be acceptable to 'photoshop' it out?


Any comments, critiques, advice or admonishment be greatly appreciated.


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Two more,,, and a Booth Shot



If those are your jury images, get rid of the black border with white stroke. I assume you've included the mats? Only submit images of the art, not the matting or framing. Clone out signatures so they are not visible and not noticeable either.

Your booth contains a person and too much white canopy.

Larry Berman
Digital Jury Services

Thank you, Mr. Berman!

I was wondering about the mats.

Should I Find another booth photo altogether? Or would a mask over my image work? maybe with a note: "Image redacted for jury purposes"


What do you mean by mask? Never give the jurors anything that will distract them or have them consider giving you a lower score. If they spend two seconds wondering what you've done, you may have lost 10% of the time they look at your work.

Larry Berman
Digital Jury Services
I see. I guess I'm not clear about what they are looking for in a booth image. Is it to see the body of work? Or is it the design of the booth? ie. canopy colour, homemade vs. manufactured elements, etc. I mean with 3-D displays, I can see the concern, but with framed artwork, it seems kind of simple (tent + walls = nothing extraordinary), unless it is to focus on what several paintings lined up looks like.

Read my instructions on how to take your booth picture:

Larry Berman
Digital Jury Services

Wow! Thank you very much Mr. Berman. That's a great help to me.

I'll try to set up for a photo session (as soon as the ice melts a bit here... Wyoming weather).

Thank you for the link. I will definitely be seeking your services.


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