I am contemplating applying to the Toledo Fine Arts Fair for this November, held in the Seagate Center.  Has anyone had any experience with this show that they can share?  I can't seem to find any reviews on it.  

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  • I've had a relatively poor experience with that show, the woman who runs it, and the other shows she operates in the ares. I would not reccomend. 

    • Wow, thanks Megan and Robert Wallis . Good info to have; I won't waste my time. Here's hoping it can be improved.

  • I was told by a local artist when I did the Crosby Gardens show in 2021 that it was a dog and too new.

  • I am hoping to revive this post. I see that the Toledo Fine Arts Fair is now in March... and wonder if anyone has had experience now with it as it's no longer brand new. (Or is it? Did they even have the prior shows due to COVID?) Any experience with this show is most welcome. 

  • Thanks, Connie.  I thought it was relatively new, but didn't realize it was that new! 

  • Sonja, it is a brand new show, that's why there are no reviews

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