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Scam Alert: Email regarding purchasing a list of attendees from a show

I received 2 emails overnight that look like spam/fishing/etc and wanted to check to see if anyone else got them. I have attached a copy below but have removed the show name with **Show Name**. I am 99% sure it is a scam and will try to flush it out a bit.

Reasons why it could be a scam:

- No company info anywhere

- No indication they are with the show

- Show was not conducting any surveys or other information collection method, to my knowledge, so how did they get them?

- Very easy to replicate email with the show name/count as a variables

- These variables are bolded

**** Edit ****

Many people have reported this scam in other forums. Just stay away.


From Jane Cruz <>



We have updated **Show Name** 2018 Attendees List and we now have a total of 5,432 contacts who have attended **Show Name** 2018 event.


Would you be interested in purchasing the list of Attendees with complete contact information for pre-show and post-show marketing campaign, appointment setting, networking and various other post-show Marketing initiatives.


Data fields: Visitors Full Name, Email address Prefix First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Job Title, Full Mailing Address and Phone Number We only include opt-in contacts in our database.


Thanks & I’ll look forward to your response.



Jane Cruz

Head of Event Specialist

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I have confirmed many others are getting this email to shows all over. It is a SCAM.

Some other names used:

Daisy Coulson

Mary Johnson

Jessica Thomas

I've received about 2 per day for the last 3 weeks. Name changes every time. At 1st it was for shows I have participated in. Now I'm getting them for shows I've never been in. It screamed SCAM from the very start.

I received an email from Artisphere (Robin) that this is a scam.

What shows have any of us done that actually gathered and have a list of attendees? Shows gather the money if there is an entrance fee but I am not aware of any that also asked for email addresses...think about it...

I was the first one to post a warning about this about 10 days ago on the NAIA FB forum. There is no doubt that this is a scam. Shows do not ever share their attendees list with artists and if they did, they wouldn't charge. Logically, any show that did this, so that people would be inundated with postcards, emails, etc from artists doing a show that they attend, would turn people off. I know I would be annoyed to get all those things. Another reason to not share their contacts is that other promoters would get the list and target contacts for their own purposes. That's another thing that would be a negative.

Another clue: Getting the same email from many different shows with the same wording would be another glaring clue that it is a scam.

Third clue: Mine said pay by credit card and they would deliver the list within 48 hours. Anybody legitimate would allow you to download it, or they would send it to you immediately.

Somebody traced their email back to India.

The immediate reaction among the ignorant was that whoever was doing this hacked ZAPP and got all the artist info. That probably is easier than you all think because the security probably isn't that great there. Even more insecure would be getting into Art Fair Insiders and the various FB sites. These sites don't have the greatest security. That's not a criticism. It's a fact. However, no hacking is necessary. Every good art fair has a page on their web site that shows the artists in their show, pics of the artists work, and sometimes other info like links to their web sites or FB site. So how hard would it be to chose a show like St Louis, copy their artist list, and send out these emails? Getting the info like email addresses is easy. That's what Google and FB are for.

Do not respond to these emails. Even making an inquiry lets them know that you, and your email address, exists and is correct. Calling them gives them your phone number. I know someone that wanted to see what this was all about, so they paid for the list. I can't think of anything more stupid. What they got was a lame list of mostly artists and names, addresses, etc. of people around the country. What she did not get was the list she asked for. Then, she called them. She accused them of scamming her. They told her they sent her the wrong list. One doesn't have to think hard about why this interaction is problematic. That's like walking from your living room into your kitchen finding someone there and exclaiming you're robbing me and they say they're in the wrong house. They meant to go next door. She didn't lose her money because she cancelled her credit card as if that was all right.

Let me explain to you why responding in any way is a stupid idea. As I said, if you send an email, they know your email address is a valid one. In the very least, they can sell all the email addresses of those who responded to other scammers. If you call them, you are giving them your phone number, which is another thing that other scammers are interested in. I know. Some of you like getting robo calls and calls from the fake IRS telling you that if you don't pay them you are going to be arrested. Then if you pay them, you are giving them your credit card info. Good luck dealing with that. From this information, a good hacker can find out all kinds of things about you, like your bank accounts, etc. This is how peoples identities are stolen. Good luck dealing with all this.

I wouldn't usually call someone stupid. I use that term just to emphasize how important not giving out your info is and what it could lead to if you aren't careful.

In AFI's defense on security it does (finally) have https,

  • PLUS, and this is more important all new members are vetted by Larry Berman
  • AND unless you have logged in as me the email addresses are not visible.
  • But then, if Equifax, etc., can get hacked ... 

Wow, I must really be low on the totem pole.  I have never received anything like this, though I have received my share of scam emails.  There is fix for that.  It's called the delete button.

LOL Be glad we are not on their "sucker" list.

 Unfortunately, it worked at least once for them so they will keep on doing it.  Another reason to never pay them or contact them.


Yup - "Me Too" - got one and ignored it.  All hackers/scammers should burn in hell (IMHO - for those who appreciate them). lol.

We got one from Oconomowoc, WI - offering over 18,000 names & addresses for $196.00!!!

Harry Mackie


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