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Hi everyone, I'm selling my setup and upgrading to black panels, double setup for the booth picture. Here is my current one, any suggestions what should be changed? I've been told less art on the walls, no tent or background showing...thanks! 

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Looks nice Ryan. 

My only critique would be to eliminate/crop out everything around your booth. Bring the frame of your camera right in to the edges/poles of your tent. 

That's funny though... I'm considering selling my black panels for dark gray panels next year.

Thanks Karl! Yes, I will have to do that. That is funny, I would ask any chance you're looking to switch now we could do a trade, but looks like you're too far for that. 

Here's a cropped version of your booth. The excess valence is cropped out, and the leaning panels are straightened up. The right tent leg needed to be in alignment with the panel. if I understand correctly, your panels are gray. If they are, then you were underexposed. I opened the shadows to get the rear panels to go gray, and it also defines the edges of the work better. Put your side tarps on as it not only is visually distracting to see the scenery through the gap, it also throws your camera exposure off.
Get the tops of all the pieces on the top rows in horizontal alignment. You don't want "stair-stepping", you want a polished presentation. Try running a taut string between some curtain hooks to establish a straight line. repeat the same thing for the bottom row, and try to keep verticals aligned as best as you can.

Move your front pieces closer to the front of the booth. The piece on the lower right runs into the vertical piece at the right rear. I would suggest moving everything on the sides a bit forward and get them more away from the corners.

Another suggestion is to place the jury pieces themselves on the sides. The judges will already have seen them, and all you need in the booth slide is to acknowledge that they are in there. This gives you the opportunity to show additional work on the rear wall to showcase more of your work.

You may consider grouping the pieces together thematically for content as you have about four different themes going which can hurt you. By grouping them together, each gives the other associated pieces more impact. Keep in mind that technique can also link apparently different themes together.

Use a tripod if you have one, and keep referring to the viewfinder to get the placement of the pieces looking balanced. Think of it as a graphical design project. And for the last suggestion, bracket each exposure several steps either side of the metered exposure.

Hi Robert,

Wow, thanks for all the input! This helps a lot. I got a number of good bullet points and plan to upgrade my entire setup and redo this shoot in my yard. I will have a double setup, do you recommend shooting the double or just the single? I can see the double being harder for jurors to see in the panoramic view. thanks again, very helpful! 

The single will be enough. The main thing is that they see a stocked booth that has a professional presentation.



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