This is at Stone Mtn. in Georgia in September. A friend who sells food products went to this festival that just passed and raved about it. Any one here have a booth at this show, this year or another? What are your thoughts on it? Would you go back?

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  • I would like to point out that Yellow Daisy has both "Fine Arts" and "Crafts". The program guide that attendees receive includes separate artist/crafter listings, but the booths are mixed together at the festival and no one cares if you are an "artist" or a "crafter". They look at your work, not your classification. I've helped my wife (a jeweler) do this show for the last 5 years. Sales are very consistent. Saturday is the big day for sales; Thursday is also pretty good; Friday and Sunday on the slow side. Location matters because of the large size of the show and maze of trails over the hillside. They give us the same location every year at a nice little intersection and we'll keep coming back. Most people are referring to price when they talk about "low" end, "high" end. In general the crowd does not have deep pockets, but there are exceptions.

    • Andy,

      Thanks for the insight from someone who has been behind the scenes there a few times.  It helps me get perspective.  I also appreciate the definition of "low" and "high".

      Any others want to chime in?


      • I personally try to attend a show then decide if I apply. Especially after a two day event last year that was basically all locals/farmers who did not spend, except of course for the god awful vinyl purses in the booth next to me with my lovely sewn created purses. There is a three day event this month that I decided to attend before applying next year. I know it's not always possible, but with my still day job I stick within a few hours of home anyway.
        • Tina, that is a good idea, I would encourage the same.  However we are too far awy from Yellow Daisy just to make a run up there.  We are 8-9 hours away.  Several of the shows I am applying for for 2015 I have never been to and I don't want to repeat sevearl of the ones I did in 2014.  If I wait to apply till I can scope them out, I will lose a year.

  • I remember that a few years ago Yellow Daisy was one of the top ten shows in the country according to Sunshine Artist. And SA ranks the shows on sales numbers only

    Yes, it's a craft show, but people buy crafts every day. And good crafters make good money! Not all crafters sell SOS.

    Then I heard the promoter was starting to allow B/S to sneak in. But that was during the crash when nobody had any spending money and promoters had to sell real estate to stay afloat.

    • Chris,

      >>Yes, it's a craft show, but people buy crafts every day. And good crafters make good money! Not all crafters sell SOS.<<

      Thanks for the boost for crafters who do their best to provide qualtiy products.  I can go to Walmart or whatever and by crap that does not last.  My goal is to provide quality products that do a great job for what they were designed to do.  Whether at a craft show, on my website or in local stores I offer products are are NOT Walmart crap but items you find in a locally owned higher end gift store.  I often say that if I would not have it or use it in my home then I don't make it.

      Thanks again for the boots.  Helps my testy feelings this morning!  <vbg>

    • we are tired of all the craft shows in the chicago area becoming cheap merchandise and a Walmart husband has been designing jewelry for many years and we can't get into the fine art shows because they have the same people every year.does anyone know about the gilmore and the sugarloaf shows out east.
      we tried florida but Howard Allen has a monopoly on the good shows.we did some shows but we got tired of dealing the 55+crowd who treated all of us like free entertainment.either they bought cheap or nothing at all.where are there any good shows in a warm area from January until May.thank you.
      • Hi Nancy,

        I did several Gilmore shows, many years ago (2005-2007)...tried SC, NC and VA (a few times each) and they didn't work out for me. The Gilmores are good at what they do, as I never had any problems, a decent attendance shows up and they are constantly walking (or riding) the show to monitor. I was one of the few from the NE who'd make the rounds with them during that time period, so I think they even watched out for me a bit (i.e., good locations, came around to see if sales were happening, etc.)

        That being said, I had many a neighbor with soap/lotion products and inexpensive, pedestrian jewelry who sold quite well. I never did, with sales hovering in the $1k-1.5K range. There seemed to be a lot of traditional and country crafts. as one would've expected, but there was also contemporary work...some sold, some didn't. The fan base seemed to be loyal to the show but I never found a real audience there for my work (arty, porcelain jewelry).

        Good luck with your search!

        • hi Colleen,I just saw your message.i sell hand knit scarfs and some hats are in the $15-40 range and my scarfs start at$30-$200 range.the shows in Chicago have become a Walmart crowd that for the most part want only cheap products.a lot of buy sell are in the shows and the promoters don't care about those of us who make our products.
          I heard that gilmore gets a little higher end you think my product will sell or will I have a bunch of old ladies counting my stitches and asking me .stupid you think I should try their shows and the sugarloaf shows.even though the craft shows are cheaper the clientele is not there for and school shows are definitely out of the question.
          where do you have success selling your jewelry this time of the year.thanks,nancy
        • Colleen,

          Thank you very much for your reply.  I am thinking my craft will fit in, it's just getting in and the trip to navigate.  It is 8 hours from home.  The furthest we have traveled so far is almost 6 hours.

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