I bought a used tent - the underside of the canopy is grimy but otherwise is in good shape. Looks like Tide would do it to clean it, but can I throw it in the washing machine?  I don't have the owner's manual, I did google it but can't find info specific to washing machines.  Actually, google search results on the topic sent me HERE to AFI.

At 110°F, I have no intention of getting on my hands and knees and scrubbing it.  Washing machine sound like a good plan?

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  • I got this tip from a guy who runs an auto upholstery business.  He does rag-top make-overs as well as total interior replacements so he knows a thing or two about industrial fabrics.  Order 1 gallon and dilute.  Great for keeping the tent top clean and also your truck/van.  Buy a long handle truck wash brush at the auto parts store.  They are soft enough to not scratch anything but with the long handle, will save your back.  Put your canopy top over the frame and go for it. 


    • A friend recently told me that she washes her canopy in her jacuzzi. When it needs a change of water she puts the canopy in with a little bleach and turns it on for a half hour or so. Then she dries it over the frame. Not having a jacuzzi myself, I can't personally vouch for that method.

      BTW, a few fairs ago I had to put my tent away in the rain and didn't relish setting the whole thing up in the yard the next day to dry, so I draped the wet canopy over my car, and that worked.

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