Hi, All.  I'm moving to Florida (between Ocala and Gainesville) in mid September and need to start up right away with shows.  I don't really know where I belong show-wise, either.  I asked once on here about juried art shows and was told that my work wouldn't go there.  (I'm attaching a pic and a link to my website).  So I guess I need to figure out where I do belong and what shows might be available.  Any help at all will be very, very much appreciated.  I need to start making an income as soon as possible -- as we all do, I guess!  I do well with custom pet paintings and my own original paintings and prints here in the Pacific NW, so I just need to know mostly where I might fit in - and again, what's available for someone with work like mine.  Thanks so much, Dottie Dracos

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