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Hi Guys & Gals, I supported Art Fair Insiders with a $120 contribution and I won one of the Pro Panels gift certificates. To help out other artists, I am selling it for $170. Payment by Paypal or credit card. First one to contact me at 303 841-0751 and finalize payment takes it home.  Please do not ask me to discount it like I did on a tent certificate last year. 

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Just like last year, I find this to be a real insult. If you didn't want the item, then you shouldn't have taken it. You should have left it for the many people who could really use it. If I were Connie, I would take it away from you. This violates the spirit of the fundraiser. If this is allowed to happen, I will consider not supporting next year.

It simply ROI Barry. How much did you contribute to the pledge drive? How much are you giving to an artist who needs pro panels? Get your own house in order before you critisize me and what I do with my business. Yes just like last year I gave $120 and made the purchase of a tent possible for an artist who didn't win it but needed it for his business.

First of all, I've been donating since Connie started this web site, which was way before you found it.

Secondly, I've donated pieces to be given away as prizes in the past. I don't recall you doing the same. You could be donating a belt, for instance. I would have taken that. Your work is really good and I could always use a belt.

Third, I want to thank Wallace Fuller and Robert Pangman for having the integrity to pass on a prize when they weren't going to have a use for any of them.

Fourth, you're only bringing up the $120 to justify to yourself that selling the Pro Panel gift is OK. You don't know how this is going to play out. Pro Panels could decide that since their generous donation isn't going to someone who needs it, they will just offer a $50 discount on one of their items.

Barry first off Connie made a mistake and I now get jewelry. Second, who appointed you "prize police". Get stuffed! As far as I know, AFI is still open to new artists and it isn't an old boys club for easterners and midwesterners. When I sell a tent certificate or any other prize, I recoupe my investment for next year and I help out someone who may not have had the funds to enter, but who really can use the prize at a discounted price. It is my way of helping out artist who may have had bad luck with the weather at a show or who are stuggling to get started. I will continue my practice of donating the maximum to the pledge drive, and writing lots of reviews so I get the best shot at tents, pro panels, weights or whatever can help artists next year. You have no say in how the donor handles their gift certificates. Go punch some clay and work out your issues. You don't deserve to own my work.  

You're all class Richard. You're right, I don't deserve your work. I deserve much better. The reason I am not taking you on is because I have been friends with Connie that started before you were born.

Doubt that. I'm older than the hills, so I am told.

Oh my. This discussion reminds me of the early days of this site when it was "The Wild West." 

I respect both Barry and Richard for their expertise, wide ranging experiences and helpful services to others on this site and are entitled to their own opinions. 

I got a little carried away and didn't keep track of the "prize awarding" and ended up giving away 4 Pro Panel prizes, instead of the 3 that Pro Panels had donated. I also gave away 2 spaces for the same show and gave a show prize in Texas to someone who lives in Maryland ... and now maybe given away too many paints. My apologies to all.

As a result, Richard is NOT winning the Pro Panel certificate, because he was the 4th one I added. But he is getting the Debbie Stillman jewelry for his lovely wife, Jean. 

Thanks to both Barry and Richard for their contributions to this website and to my personal treasury.

ON another note, if you're interested at all in the good old days, you might enjoy this blog from 2010: This is your mother speaking

Read it and I will be "nice". LOL. Looking forward to the jewelery. And, I just bought her ear rings at Estes Park show to go with necklace I am making - lots of silver beads to make to go with red coral.  And , oh did I get whacked. Jean saw an antelope sculpture at Estes Park and said "it just speaks Wyoming to me". We met at UWyo and got married our last year there (Jean BA '69, me PhD '70). I didn't ask the price the of antelope when I bought it, but the artist said "I made her show". After looking for something else on card statment YIKES! LOL. Better get to work making money.


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