This is Your Mother Speaking...

I do not intend to be a heavy-handed moderator on this site and definitely believe that we are all adults and know how to behave in public. Recent days have brought wonderful art reviews to the site from all around the country (yes, a little light from the West) and helpful information for many in the discussions -- yet a few people got carried away.

If you can step back from the seeming vitriol of the speakers some of it is very funny, but some recent comments have been mean and intimidating and inappropriate to this forum. My apologies to the many good people who have been supportive of the goals of this site and have been instrumental to its growth.

Please note there is a Code of Conduct under the Discussions Tab. Here's the link: Please read. Most of all, the message is: "Be Nice."

As the originator of I have the power to suspend and have just suspended a person who only comes on the site to make trouble and shout at others. Others have been warned. We have much to learn from one another and you had better behave!

Your loving mother...
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  • Connie;;There has always been a code of conduct- plain common sense -how anyone would want to be treated by their fellow artists-; I expect heated - constructive dialogue- hostile giberish embarassed me as a person; (ALL THAT WAS ASKED FOR WAS SHOW CHAIR INFO-- WHO CARES IF HE CAN AFFORD, OR IF HE SITS, OR HOW HE DOES HIS BUSINESS- for a long time- WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT??? ;and there is no need for it// there is another way to express oneself WITHOUT MOM OR DAD TO CENSOR ANYTHING// Think about it / IT is hard enough to be an independent thinker,and creative individual:: Fair Winds
  • wow. i thought i was following along but i missed the kind of insults you mentioned. i agree there is no place for that but i join with the others in saying, as much possible, please let us be a little snotty . especially when the other person really really deserves it.
  • Sorry about that must get a little faster.

    So do you think we should have people on here who say to their Mom --DIAF?? I'm sorry but my sense of humor doesn't bend that way.
  • No, Carole that isn't what it is all about. Get back into your studio and make more art. We will call you when your next show is to begin. really, get with the thread girl.

    Now about the thread, MOM. My sweet tequila-swilling MOM. You got a great site. The fact that certain discussions can lead to as many as 20-30 comments, back and forth, I find exciting. Where else are going to get that/ Let the robust flow of info continue, We are all big kids. We can always don an extra set of armour if things get heavy. Don't expel, don't cut off the lively flow--it is these very things that make this site so exciting.

    You are my favorite MOM, you even give me gifts some time.

    Carole, don't take what I said personally. But try to stay on the thread.
  • LOL, Carole...I don't think so! If you're looking for that, why don't you post in the forum/discussion with a question about St. James, a perennially popular topic.

    Well put, Phillip. Precisely the point -- oh, and yours too Holly, Munks, Warren, Bill, Michelle, Linda, and the others who emailed me personally. Thanks for caring about this site. With your help we'll keep it alive and kicking and a good place not only to get info about tents but also as a place to share ideas about making a living and making a life...sorry, that is a little trite. When can we get together for that kumbaya? :-7
  • well, I have no idea what this is all about - I guess I have been busy in the studio and missed "it"
    WHAT I REALLY NEED is information on the St. James Court art show, isn't that what this is all about?
  • I think the thing that gets moderators frustrated isn't a full discourse of ideas . Its the degeneration of ideas into personal insults. Debating ideas is fine,if one has a point,say it. It's the name calling that causes so much trouble. Some people feel that if you disagree with them you are attacking them personally then they retaliate on a personal level. Respect is at the heart of it. Respect and the inability to step back from ones opinions and have them examined without mounting a full scale counter attack. There's an old saying"Just because you believe something,doesn't make it true",
  • Having grown up in the art world, my father was a painter (he became an art director and creative director in order to support his family) most of his friends were artists and I remember quite a few lively conversations in their gathering, especially when the alcohol was flowing.My father was from the school of Jackson Pollack. Never a dull moment in our household. I became an artist, my sister is an artist, my husband is an artist, two of my three children are artists and I believe just the environment of art creates lively banter.

    After all isn't that what we are doing with our art? Creating and expressing our opinions through our chosen media. To ask artists not to honestly express their opinion even when they disagree with ratheris like asking the moon to stop glowing in the night.

    Connie, I'm really glad you made this site. It has much useful information. It is also a forum in which you have invited artist share not only material information, but opinion. So it should also be expected that some of those opinions can be quite colorfully expressed. I hope that the debates do not lead to censorship of expression. The discussions are one of the things that keeps me coming back, the reason I donated to your site. I agree that we should be civil, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be excited and perhaps a little colorful in our topics.

    I was at a show this weekend and this topic came up with a couple of us during a slow period of the show. We agreed that it would be a shame to not be able to discuss things honestly and heated in here at times. In fact it is those topics that keep us coming back.
    I've had my toes stepped on a couple of times here myself. I'm a big girl I can take it and I learn from it. Perhaps we should say people shouldn't state their political fews either. I mean after all isn't the economy doing great now, aren't sales just flying out our tents? What do you think of those tea partiers, how about Arizona someone here wanted to boycott. These have all been topics I've seen mentioned here. That might lead to some debate. If one is daring enough to start the debate and others are daring enough to express their own opinion good for them and us.

    I love this site, but I don't need someone wagging their finger about and being my mother. Thank you Connie for what you have put into this endeavor, but remember you opened this site to people that can be very vocal at times and it just makes that site more interesting.I'm quite surprised how the finger wagging really stirred my dander, but it just seems wrong to me.
  • Fully agree with Munks. Yes, this is a great site for newbies to learn tents, weights, etc.... but is that only what this forum is becoming? Oh.... where is William (did I say that outloud?) With the show season in the North slowly ending, what's to keep the veteran artist checking in? I'm not saying it's okay to call another artist an "idiot" - although I've mumbled it under my breath many times..... but an expression of opinion that does not necessarily coincide with another's opinion is productive and thought provoking. I've been on this site since nearly the beginning. No bad apples here. I miss Ron, I miss William.... Through debate I have learned - perhaps not agreed with - but learned nonetheless. It's okay to disagree with passion. We all love and respect you greatly Connie and will conform to your guidelines.... but please don't feel past spirited, sometimes frustrated debates come from the "bad apples" in the group. It comes from those that care to take the time to visit this site and share their thoughts (good/bad/indifferent) about various art/art show issues. That's why I visit the site at any rate.
  • Thanks for that Bill. I appreciate the support a lot.
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