Lansing, Michigan

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The Island Art Fair in Grand Ledge, Michigan

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The energy and the people. Both artists buyers and sellers. Absolutely engaging.

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In gereral, I find that shows where there are items besides "art" are not a great experience.

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  • paper clay is super easy... i used to make it with toliet paper.. though that get expensive after awhile .. the best thing i have found it green blown in insulation, at home depot its 10$ for a huge bag!!! i make a ton and have had the bag of insulation for almost a year!!! i still boil it , because it seams to mix easier,but some times i just soak it in water for a little while... and the key is a heavy duty drill with a beater thingy?? i keep scrapes of clay in a 10 gallon bucket full of water, when its time to make clay , i do a 40-60% split some times more sometimes less.. theres really no wrong or right....usually always more clay than paper...( use a lot of water!! it will mix easyer!!!, you will dry it out, if to much water it will take longer to dry but no big deal! unless your in a hurry! haha)..use mixer and mix up really good let sit...or not! ha.. and then dry on a plaster bat untill its not sticky...if it gets to dry just put back into bucket and re-mix...no biggy... just put into bags until you need it...i make tons of stuff with it.. its very strong and the best is if the item your working on drys you can just attach to it, never have to worry about leather hard or whatever...it can stink or mold... though nothing to worry about unless your alergic to that then this might not be the venue for you... some people put bleach and other things in it... i never worry about it!! it has never been a problem!!!

  • Chris,
    I have worked with paper clay. Made my own, with toilet paper, breaks down the easiest. Make a thick slip with it first. You can buy it. I have only used it for repairs before and after low fire firing, and after piece is dry I have added on pieces of straight paper clay with success. I have not made a piece completely out of paper clay. I did dip some lace into paper clay slip and covered a clay piece with it and fired it. The lace of course burned away, but the paper clay slip fired and retained the lace. I will put a piece on my site, it is called Fiddle Fig Fiddle. The parts to the fiddle are all paper clay, the leaf is just clay. The lace piece was put over a clay candle holder I made and it looks inappropriate, I call it Lacey Pee-Ness. I will take a photo of it and post it later. Not impressive in color or anything, just a paper clay experiment.
  • Chris,
    Ya'll made a lot more than me. Cold and rainy on Sat. Few people both days. Looking forward to seeing you!
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