Honored to be accepted to the Woodlands, TX waterway show (April, 2021).

Curious to hear others experience at this show, good, indifferent, etc, obviously last show as 2019 so will have to extrapolate from there. Of course, this year the economy is different, I am speaking of the oil and petrochemical industry not doing as well as previous years

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  • Did it once, they had me on the lower level next to the water. Although it was a nice place to be not a lot of people came down to see the art there. Artists that were in the park area did better. Also, load in was a little tricky in that area.

  • I've been to Woodlands Waterway a couple times. I've found it to be extremely well organized and well attended. The only downside...one that won't be a problem for the forseeable future I think...is maybe a bit too many art vendors. As per guidelines for all the shows that are happening.....spacing and distancing simply won't allow for the original number of art vendors. As to the petrochemical industry in Texas effecting our industry....I'd say probably so to some degree. But I think the Woodlands is a very strong retirement and hospital based community, so maybe not as much of an effect as maybe Downtown or Memorial Park Houston. Only one way to find out.


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