• Thanks for that reminder, Latta. Here are two articles from my old blog site,, problems with credit card machine services and a letter from Mike DiGiovanni that may be helpful:

  • This is not a definitive answer to this topic, William, but as best I can tell there are two companies out there who specialize in services to traveling merchants at art fairs. They are and TeaMac. I am partial to these two companies because they both emphasize customer service, pretty important with the technical complications of wireless transactions.'s Michael Giovanni has been an advertiser on my web site and newsletters for some time and I only hear good things about him, his business, fees and his commitment to good service to artists.

    TeaMac owned by Guy McDonald was one of the first companies to offer these services to artists. When we were doing art fairs we used his services. Excellent customer service and understands the needs of artists.
    • Yes, it would be best to stay with 1NBCard or TeaMac. President Michael DiGiovanni of 1NBCard wrote an extensive fraud article pertinent to electronic card processing in the's 9/15/2007 newsletter, it is an extensive article, maybe could recall it for you. If not go to or call them at 1-866-499-5722...GOOD LUCK & SWIPE SOME EXTRA CASH FOR ME!
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