I contacted the Winter Park show, which I will be doing in two weeks.  They don't seem to be able to tell me if I have to file for a Tax ID # in Florida or if I can just fill out a one time tax form after the show.  My wife is very analytical and this is freaking her out a bit.  So to all those artists doing Florida shows, I need some help.

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  • Haven't you consulted the Florida Department of Revenue website? Maybe you should call them in Tallahassee and ask since they know the law and probably we artists don't. One hint, you might call a satellite office like the one located in Marianna since they'll be less busy than the main office in Tallahassee.

    Florida Taxpayer Service Center Marianna, FL

    I have a Florida tax ID, but I do a lot of Florida shows. I am a seasonal filer, so I file every six months. I travel to Florida twice each year, in the spring and then again in the fall. 


    One time in West Palm Beach, a Dept. of Revenue representative stopped me during set up and asked to see my license. I said, "Are you kidding?" He said he was not. So I asked him to come back tomorrow morning when the show started and I'd show him my license, because I had to set up my show and wasn't engaging in sales that day anyway. Guess what. He came back the next morning and I showed him my license.

  • Kale,

    If this is your only show in Florida, then you will not need one. Especially if the show is not making you apply for one. If you do more than 3 FL show then you are 'suppose to'. 

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