Where to sell my 5ft Rotating Display Rack?

Hi all - I am trying to sell my 5' rotating three-sided retail display rack with hang pegs (photos attached) - and I have no clue where to sell it. I've had it on local craiglist with no luck - so clearly I need to find a place where retailers who sell things on hang pegs would go to buy things locally (it would cost more to ship it than it's worth)


Any advice? 

rack 1.jpg

rack 2.jpg

rack 3.jpg

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  • Thank you so much Ruth - I'll go visit that page now! :-)


  • Kelly - put it on here in our classifieds. 301656322?profile=RESIZE_320x320

    and instead of "attaching" the images put them on the site - like this:

    • Hi Connie - Yes I do have it here in classifieds. Thanks for the attachment tip - I'm a newbie here!

      Thanks again! :-)

  • There's a Facebook group called "The Artist Garage Group" that you can list items for sale. 

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