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Let's do it as a top ten: My number 1 is


"Did j'all make this"?

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My personal favorite - Did you go to all these places? - No I just sent the camera.

ROTF!!! Love that!

I have to remember that answer. I get that question because my display contains England, France, Poland. I'm usually so taken aback by the question I just stare before saying ,"of course".

OMG. I get that same question every show. I just tell them I have a really long telephoto lens - and then bask in the blank stare I get in return.

I used to have a fair number of nude images in my booth, so the dumbest question would be, "Is this a picture of your wife?".  There were generally several different models. Like which one? But the worst, hands down witout any doubt, was "Do you have sex with your models?" I would give the person asking that question a look that can best be described as that given to a loathsome crawling insect that one would find when lifting up a rock off the ground. It's amazing how fast someone receiving that look will swallow their tongue and scuttle out of the booth. Words were never necessary for an answer to that question. It only happened twice, but it was twice too many.


I've been asked if my B&W works are Ansel Adams prints. Kind of silly, but I think they were meaning well. I just tell them no, but they're original Wallis prints and there's a good price on them today :-)

My wife still does nudes and seminude ceramic torsos.  I get a lot of "what's it made of?"  and my reply, if I think I can get away with it, is "human skin", and then I go into my best Buffalo Bill.."It puts the lotion on its skin, or it gets the hose again".  I either get someone running out of the booth, or it starts a conversation.!!!

Hysterical! :D


We were at a show once and the artist had some prints hanging on the outside of her tent and the originals were inside. A lady asked "When are you going to paint the original?".   The artist just said  Oh, maybe next year."  The lady said good, I only buy originals.  Then the artist said let's go inside the tent I have something to show you.  The lady walked away miffed that the artist teased her.

"When are you going to paint the original?" That is one of the funnist things I have ever heard. Another is, "He lives a sedimentary lifestyle."

If I come back on last hour of closing day, will I get this for half price?

My answer : (%#@*&%^$) I have another show coming, I"ll probably take it there. Thank(s) you ($#&*^*#@%) .....Amen.

That would be my favorite too.

Did j'a make this?

What do I look like chopped liver?




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