• Today is the first day of my first fair and before the doors even opened another vendor asked me "did you take all of these?". I'd say 75% of people asked that. The one that took the cake though was the guy who asked me "have you been to all 9f these places" not 5 seconds after me telling him that I took all of the pictures.
  • One of my photos is of a covered bridge in Madison County in Iowa. I guy half laughing asked “Heh, is that the one that burned down?” The one that burned down I got married on and he’s kinda laughing about it.
  • Not the worst, but a consistent annoyance: I get the "did you make this" or "are you the artist" at least 10x per show. It's always surprising. I guess a lot of the public think that art shows are more trade shows and we are just sales persons repping the brand? I'm re-branding and putting my name on everything, hopefully that stops that question! 

    • It could just be a conversation opener, Ryan, and that was the easiest way for them to get it started. Nevertheless, a photo of you creating the work hanging in your booth proves something and make sure your name is displayed and yes label everything. Smart marketing. It does give the work even more validity with a sceptic also. 

      • you're right, some of them might just be saying so even though they assume or know it's me. that is a good point, I need to get a photo up for sure! I actually plan to put my time lapse painting videos on an iPad looping, I think that would be great! thanks for the tip Connie! 

  • After haggling on my price like my work should come from Walmart, he then said, "I have this gift card I got from my dentist. Can I pay you with that?"
    • Did you fight him "tooth and nail" over that?

      It was an offer, did you take the "bite"?

      Sounds like the customer was a real "card"  :-)

    • That is STUNNING!

    • You win. Hands down!
  • A new one for me. Not the worst, but among the strangest ...

    Non-buying customer: "Is that your real name?"

    Me: "I'm sorry?"

    Non-buying customer: "I thought it might be your 'artist' name."

    Me: "Huh. Well, I guess it is."

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