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It's a new week and the July 4th celebration is now behind us.  What are you working on?  Doing a show this weekend?  Getting in shop time?  Social media and/or website work?  Something else?

I am going to be spending plenty of time in The Barn, my workspace.  It is about 6.5 weeks till my first show of the season.  I am also considering the permanent booth situation.  Even if I don't do the perm. booth, I have plenty out here to work on for my shows.  This year my shows are more spread out than they ever have been.  The first two are 2 weeks apart but after that they are 3-4 weeks apart.  I have one each in August, September, October and November.

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It took about 2 1/2 weeks to clean up the 145 year old tree I took down, and get the wood hauled into the yard. The trunk sections had to be split in half or thirds so I could lift them into the truck. Now it's clean out the truck and start loading for Winter Park, CO show this weekend. I finished 20 something holsters for inventory and now 7 billfolds to finish. As soon as we get back Monday, I have to ship strap order for trick riders in Australia to Rock Springs, WY. A cousin of one of the girls will be there for a rodeo. It beats paying freight to Australia. I'm still working on my "winter" trick saddle orders. Three go to Australia, Canada, and US. Another is a new prototype PeeWee for little kids trick riding on ponies and the fifth one is one I have wanted to build: white with metallic orange butterflies and purple metallic lilies. I'm trying something new with decorative stitching within the inlays.I am looking forward to relaxing at the condo this weekend of the show, and then going to Hot Sulfur Springs, CO west of Frasier to soak for a couple hours before heading home. We usually see a cow moose with young calves on the north side of Berthoud Pass too. She usually has twins.

You sound very busy!

Beautiful work!

I'm doing my VERY FIRST SHOW EVER this weekend (Corn Hill Art Festival in Rochester NY)! Very excited, and a little nervous. I'm going over my checklist to make sure there aren't any other last minute things I need, and finishing up a painting. Woo hoo!

Cindy do you like having your shows very spread out or do you prefer them to be concentrated in a shorter period of time?

Kristy, congratulation on your first show, ever!  Lists and more lists help to make sure you don't forget anything.  I do not work on stuff to take the last 36 hours before departure, if at all possible and I recommend the same to others.  If it's not ready by then, it's not getting loaded up.

This is the first time I can remember they were so spread out.  Last fall I had 3 weekends back to back plus one more show that had a little more distance.  Dh asked NOT to do that again.  It was really out of my control, as that is how the shows fell and they are very good shows for us.  This past spring they were a little more spread out.

This fall's schedule will allow more time for replenishing stock between shows.  Also, since we are considering a permanent booth, it will give us at least one weekend a month to go there and replenish stock there & work my shift.  It's all in God's hands so I am try not to stress whether they are close or spread out.

Oooh that is a good idea about not working on art right up till the last minute. Knowing myself I would do just that...I will have to have some self control!

That should be exciting! When I do another show in Rochester, I have customers tell me about Corn Hill- sounds like a well liked show by the local people.

Please let us know how it goes.

What show do you do in Rochester? I'm also going to be doing a couple others there

I do the Holiday Bazzar at the Rochester Museum in November. 

Very cool, I am hoping to try that one out next year. I thought about doing it this year but that would have made it 6 shows for me total and I didn't want to go too crazy for my first season!

Packing up my house and studio for my move from Lexington Ky to Belfast Maine.  Can’t wait to be a damned Yankee again.


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