I got into three Howard Alan shows in Colorado this summer. I paid a $50 deposit on all three, but I can only do the first two, not the last one.
I let them know that and they are saying that I "can't cancel" because it's less than 60 days. (It's 49).

What can they do??? I haven't paid the balance yet!

I've never heard of a show coming after you for money. I'm new to this, but I thought that if you didn't pay the balance by the deadline, you just forfeited your space.

What's going to happen? Help!

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  • We stay 100% away from the Colorado HA shows (many people have suggested we stay away too). We have heard way to many bad stories vs good ones but have never done one. The ones we have visited have been very underwhelming. From what I have heard, you could probably pull up to the show the day before and get in in a lot of cases. If they go after you for the payment but fill the space with someone else, there might be a legal problem with them collecting from you. Apartments, Hotels, etc can not make you pay for the time and sell it again to another party.

    • Depending on when you cancel, it is pretty much the norm for a show to not refund a booth fee even if they fill the space with someone else.

  • In any business there are contracts. You need to read them carefully, understand them and abide by them, if not, then you should rethink your business plan. Of course their going to come after you, you agreed to do the show.

    • All right. I get it! I get it!

      For the record, I was never trying to "get around the rules". I just flat out didn't understand the rules. I have always honored any contracts that I sign (like a mortgage...)

      But I didn't sign anything here.

      I thought the "contract" began when you paid the money, and then you decided whether to cancel or not cancel.

      But, NOW I KNOW.   

  • You need to check but I suspect you won't be allowed to do the other two HA shows unless you pay the third booth fee.

  • Like Leo said. If you ever want to do another HA show, you owe them the booth fee, not just the deposit. That's their policy. If you don't care about ever doing another of Howard's shows, you can forfeit the deposit and walk away. Calling them will not change their policy but they will be happy to explain it to you. I know this because I got burned this way once, long ago. I paid the booth fee.
  • I have had this happen to me a couple of times and I have gone ahead and paid the promoters in full. It is the only right thing to do. If artists want to be treated professionally then artists must treat the promoters with the same respect. It is a business! Call your mortgage company and tell them you want to cancel your mortgage and see how that goes...

    • Good point, Rich.

      Diane, it is certainly worth a call to HAE to find out.

  • Several times we had to cancel a Howard Alan Event. No, we did not get a refund. BUT -- we'd already let it go and it went into an account so that the next time we wanted to one of their events the space was already paid for. Nice.

    • That would be nice but I don't think I'm going to have that benefit, because it's within the 60 days. It's my understanding that I won't be able to "apply it to another show".

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