At my most recent art fair, my booth was on the street, right up against the curb. I have my chair at the back of my tent behind tables.  It was getting sunny, so I decided to scoot my chair up a bit. Apparently when I moved it, I managed to get the back legs right at the crack between the blacktop and the cement gutter.

When I sat back down, I just ... kept ... going. I ended up falling straight back, shade umbrella and all. Nothing was hurt but my dignity, luckily.

Of course,  I couldn't be the least bit subtle about it; I screamed all the way down.  People came running from all over to make sure I was OK which was really nice but that much more embarrassing.  

I did win an Award for Excellence which I'm pretty sure was for my 3D glass mosaics vs. my performance.

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  • LOL  I have people come up to me all the time and think they know me from somewhere.  At one event a lady came up and started talking to me addressing me as Morningstar.  She talked away and my muddled brain was trying to decide where I knew her from so finally, I asked.  "Oh, we have never met!" she smiled.  "I saw you on a video at the college!"  Nice to know I haven't lost all of my memory after all.

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