I've read that the booth shot should not be crowded. Is this OK?

I've read not to have a chair in the picture, so I left mine out. What about the table? Should I get rid of that and/ or the print bin. I have another bin, should I add that to the other side? I do plan on purchasing mesh walls, but this is what I have to work with so far. 

Any advice would be appreciated!




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  • I see what you’re saying Larry. That looks much better. I was messing around with changing the rug to a neutral grey color in photoshop. I’m in the process of trying to buy a set of mesh walls. If that works out, I’ll pull everything out into my driveway and do a few more pictures.
  • Or even this with your carpet. In this case the tan lines in the carpet are just subdued. And the framing is mostly gone, with the top subdued. The carpet looks nice. You just don't want it pulling too much attention. Now it seems to coordinate with the frames. Let them see the booth looks nice but not linger on the image too long. Get them back to looking at the individual submissions of artwork.


  • This is a very quick, sloppy, half a$$ed trial. However does it give you an idea? 

    Your original picture looks much more pleasing than this one. The new one is more on the idea for a juried booth shot. NOT anywhere near what should be finished work but taking what you had and just a little modifying.3551931849?profile=RESIZE_710x

    • Wow!! Guess I'm going to have to learn how to do Photoshop!

  • I agree with Connie and Larry. A much "calmer" carpet would work much better with the artwork. I would say a medium/dark gray carpet will not draw attention to itself.

    • Thanks Jeff. I guess I could photoshop that rug into any color I want. I did that to extend the black cloth that hangs over the grid panels. I am in the middle of buying three mesh walls (I hope!)from a gentleman.  So I think I'll just wait until I get those then redo the whole thing. 

      Thanks again all. I think I'm on the right path!

      • If the mesh panels are white, it's going to look a LOT different.

  • Thanks Connie and Larry! I knew I should have left that rug out! I took this photo out on my patio and I didn’t want you guys to see that I have some weeds growing between the pavers ...lol! I will have to set it all up again and redo it. I think I’ll just grab some grey indoor outdoor carpeting from Home Depot. I do like using that rug in the pic because it’s one of those grass like rugs that fold up and carry easily. Wish I could find one like that in a solid neutral gray! But, I understand, this is for a judging photo, it must look right. I will take more pics from a better angle so as not to show the framing, thanks Larry! I totally agree and should have caught that myself.
  • Don't show the roof framing. They know it is a tent and has framing but don't show it. The bin is fine. If you are going to use a bin, it should be in the booth shot. Not sure it the table should be in it but it looks ok, with it. I agree with Connie, the carpet grabs all the attention. Fine if you are selling carpet :-)

  • A great start, Don. You've obviously been paying attention ;) My only problem is that although that rug is great, it really is distracting. Maybe take it out for your photo and/or aim the camera angle so it doesn't show so much floor. 

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