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I was just reading the post “Doing the number game” and didn’t want to hijack the post.  I just was wondering if any of you would be willing to share your average sale amount.  Mine is $50 and has been consistent with most of the shows I have been doing over the years.  Now I know that may sound low to most of you.  I don’t do a lot of show a year, but have been doing them for a long time. 

I do shows to sell what I make and be face to face with people.

So, just wondered if you would be willing to share…

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2011 $61 for 9 shows
2012 $74 for 6 shows
Not that great as a stand alone statistic, but it can show you longer term trends. It is one of several I track collectively and individually.

This is something I never did.  I look at my totals of each show and compare, as well as, what sells best at each show.  My last show is this weekend so I'll crunch some numbers after that.  I know it won't be as good as last year, 17% better, as the storm took out some of my best shows. 

Thanks for the input.  I track this by show, it helps me know/remember what shows have a higher average and I take more of my higher priced items.  If I know a show has a lower average I will do just the opposite and take more of the lower cost items. 
The first time I did this is was an eye opener for me and I have found it a very useful tool.

Thanks again

Chris,interesting. My highest average single show was $84 but at the show with the lowest gross and one that get eliminated for next year. It pays to crunch the numbers.

This is a tough question. I'm not sure the answers will mean much if your price points vary a lot. Perhaps the median sale is a better gauge. Also, if you look at your best 2 or 3 sales at every show, you may notice that they account for 3/4 of the money made; maybe more. It's rare for me to make all of my money off of the little stuff.

This might help answer your question better: My 3 best price points for making money are: $89 or 2 for $159. $295, 2 for $495, 4 for $900. $795 or 2 for $1,395. I also sell inexpensive prints of my big pieces. The prints come in 3 sizes and range from $15-$70. Like the originals, the smaller print sizes outsell the bigger ones in total units sold, but make me less money overall.

Well mine is even lower $40, but it's all relative. Working in clay my monetary out put for supplies is a lot lower that most people. So the lower price point doesn't effect my bottom line.

In the other post, someone stated their average sale was $5 - $6, but the counted on $3k per show.  That translates into a lot of $5 items.  It just made me wonder what the average sale was for others. 
I know it is all relative to what you are selling.  It made me wonder how many other even look at this number.  As I said, if I know a show in the past has been good for selling the little things I will plan on taking more of them and vice- versa. 

$5 - $6  sounds like a lot of mind numbing work or no work aka buy/sell.

That does make a difference, I guess I took it the wrong way when you asked what her average sale were for her top 10 shows.  I wasn't thinking average total.

Chris you are asking for average sale, Warren asked for average sales.  The "s" at the end makes it a different question ;)


I track 4 primary metrics:  Avg sales ($)/show, $/item,  $/customer and items/customer. I won't share my $/show, but the $/item is $89, the $/customer is $130, and items/customer is 1.46.

For my first full year (2009), my averages were $42, $65, and 1.6, respectively. So I'm doing double the business I was three years ago.

My matted 11x14 and 16x20 prints sell for the same prices they did then.  But I've dumped low-profit notecards and 8x10 mat sizes and increased the number, size and price of my high-ticket items. My median price for works on my display walls was $225 back then; it's about $395 now. 

I've also upgraded my display. 

Thanks for the information Geoff.  I have also done what you have over the years, eliminating some of the lower cost items. In my case some that are more trouble than they are worth making.  Always a learning process.

I would never ask anyone to revel there total show $, it’s none of my business. 

I do appreciate you showing the other information.  I do keep track of number of items per sale and number of purchases, then do a comparison at the end of the year. Like Richard, I look to eliminate shows were my things just don’t sell well. I also keep an eye on what people are buying at shows, helps to understand the area. 

I really appreciate everyone’s input. 


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