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Today I am going to set up my booth differently.

Instead of 10' x 10' square, I am going to make it round.

Yes, I'll make it a circle.

It will still be 10' across.

Does anybody know how big around it will be?



It will be 31.41592358979... feet around

I'll have plenty of room in my booth. In fact I'll have approx. 785.39808974475 square foot inside.

Happy Pi day everyone  :-)

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I'll take lemon meringue, thank you. 

In the spirit of the discussion of St. James Court I'll take Derby pie. Another reason to go to Louisville.

I'll write more on this subject.


When you ask?

I knew you would ask.

 I'll do it...when i get aROUND to it.

Did you hear about the group of soldiers that formed a new unit?

It was called the Pi unit.


Knew you would ask again

They were originally from the 7th infantry.

However 22 of them left, to form their own unit.

Hence there was 22 Sevenths

Therefore they were called the Pi unit because they were ...

22/7   :-)

I'm writing this because in trying to work on my art, I kept... 

spinning my wheels  :-)

:-)  :-P  ;-) 


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