I am getting ready to do an indoor art show in Feb. and need to have walls to display my hanging art.  I do have a tent with mesh panels for outdoor shows but it is not permitted at this show.  I can borrow white grid walls but don't like the idea of using them with no covers as you can see thru them and I think it distracts from the art.  Has anyone ever covered grid walls and if so what did you use?

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  • I recently made a couple of big pillowcase-y covers for both tabletop and free standing gridwalls. A new drop cloth in a neutral natural weave worked great for the fabric, and I used drapery hangers with sharp points that stuck through the fabric to hand my pieces, none of which were heavy.  Now I'm making a whole set of covers of a cool gray upholstery fabric that I found for around a buck a yard at an outlet store.  I have enough fabric to make a table cover and panels for my Abstracta pedestals.

  • We had heavy grids that we covered with indoor outdoor carpet, like you get from home depot on the roll. if the back doesn't show, you can wrap it around like a present and use heavy twine to "sew" it onto the grid - some time involved but if done well, it looks like pro panels, and you can hang with drapery hooks right into the grid through the carpet. 

  • We have seen artists use ribbon or fabric slit to the width of the grid and woven into the gridwall to make a cover. It's quite attractive, but maybe a lot of work. It does have the advantage of keeping the grids open. When we used gridwall, we hung matchstick bamboo curtains over each one, then put the picture hangers through both the bamboo and the gridwall.

  • I solve this problem by attaching fabric to the back of my grid panels with the same black tone as the grids. You can still see the grids, but they are less visible and fade to the background.

  • You'll need the grids open for the picture hangers. However, you can always attach curtain panels to the backs so they can't be seen through. If you want to completely cover them, you could make slip covers out of an open weave fabric like burlap that allows the hangers to pierce through to the grids.


    Robin Ragsdale


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