Earlier I asked what people have forgotten to bring to a show, now I have a new question. What have you found in your booth that was left by a patron or customer? I have a gold hoop earring in my cash box that I've kept in it for the last four years waiting for claim. I've had a purse,a wallet and a small baby shoe. Fortunately the purse and wallet had ID so I contacted the owners. One particularly hot afternoon a very luscious looking cold drink was left...it was very tempting. So, what have you found?

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  • Used condom. Someone apparently used my tent overnight.

    • Safe sex in your tent...gross.
    • Hey! I thought I was the only one with a used condom...what can I say, It was in Bucktown!



    A body.


    But we got rid of it and my Nanna doesn't come with me to the shows anymore.





    • I had someone leave a fart. I wanted to put a sign up that said " it wasn't me!" , but who would believe it? I think methane must be heavier in the mountains.
  • I seem to collect sunglasses and water bottles.
  • Somebody left half a beer on our desk. We bagged it in a Ziplock in case he came back. He didn't.
  • Wallets, water, and kids. Yep, kids.  Since I have children's items, I'm sometimes expected to babysit while Mom shops at another booth.  It doesn't last too long, though, since I just ask the kid to pick out what she likes best and then send her to get her mom for the money.  Mom either buys it (YAY!) or takes the kid away.


    The only time I have trouble with kids is - believe it or not - those belonging to other exhibitors.  It's a long show, they're bored, and Mom and Dad want them out of their booth so they can sell.  They end up in MY booth, liking everything but not able to buy anything.  If I turn them into a helper, they're like stray puppies and they'll NEVER go away.  If I'm friendly to them, I'm suddenly their new best buddy.  Fortunately, it doesn't happen very often, because these kids always sadden me.  I'm always shocked at how young they are - I've had five and six year olds wander in unaccompanied, and when I ask where their parents are, I find their booth is over a block away!  I generally never see the parents, unless I stroll by their booth on a break, and I always worry about who's taking care of the kids - really.  I mean, these are street festivals with thousands of people wandering around; anything could happen.  

    • That's sad and a shame. I used to make a spiral earring out of wire and crystal that were my cheap item. They were very colorful and springy and kid magnets. I tried several placements in my booth to keep them out of little fingers reach because I was always having at least a couple of pair per day pulled beyond repair by those little darlings with and without parents present.

      I just don't understand letting your kids run loose at shows with thousands of strangers. I have a horrible story for those parents, but really don't want to print it here. Even though it might be a good cautionary true tale for those parents that don't keep their children under watchful care.
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