I'm going to be doing my first ever arts festival memorial day weekend (Dallas Artfest...which from what I've read on here hasn't been a great show for some people...hopefully it will be a good learning experience at least?) Anyway, I had been assuming I would pack up all my paintings (I don't have anything super huge) and take them with me back to my hotel room every night--but from reading some posts on here it sounds like people just leave all their art in their tent at night? Probably a stupid question but would it be way over-protective of me to pack them up every night?

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  • Hi Morian! I'll be there this year too...against all the advice of my fellow artists. I figure...what the heck. I'm ready for a little trip out of my comfort zone. My husband and I won't be taking our kids either...so it's going to be a mini working vacation for us. If you get a chance, look for me and I'll do the same. I'd give you my booth number but I don't know it yet.

    And they've given you some great advice as far as leaving (or not leaving) your artwork overnight. But basically you just have to do what you're comfortable doing. As for me, all of my art is packed in large plastic sealed lid bins. I pack it up every night back into the bins and leave the bins on the tables in my tent. Although my tent has been carried away by winds and I've had mud sloshed into my tent, my artwork has remained safe. No casualties as of yet. Knock on wood! ; )

    • I'll look for you there Pamela! Hope the show goes well for you!
      I think I'll pack up my paintings at night...I talked to an artist at a small art festival where I live who said she left her stuff in her tent overnight once (don't remember what fair or city) and when she came back the next morning her tent was unzipped and some of it was missing!
      • Hey Morian,

        I know it's a bit late, but I was wondering how you did at Artfest?

        • Not well. I didn't even cover my hotel cost. A lot of really good and experienced artists didn't do well either so I don't feel TOO discouraged. This was my first Art Fair though, so I enjoyed it anyway because I learned a lot. 

          There were a ton of people there every day, but they just weren't buying. I had several people say things like "oh, look at that one!" but nobody even got close enough to look at prices. 

          • Thanks Morian!  I have not heard a lot of good things about this show, unfortunately.

  • thanks everyone for all your replies/advice! I'm hoping if I follow it all and am super prepared, the weather will be prefect :)
    • ooo...I also like how you've hung your paintings


    • This looks much more low-tech than drilling holes into the metal frame work of the tent frame. Thanks Lorie!
    • Once again, a great informative discussion. The 'been there, done that' tips shared by this community are amazing. I was planning to take all my paintings down and with me each night. Now I'm put to work more energy into the weatherproofing my display.

      Sincere Thanks!

  • Robert.... that's a great story! That's the art Gods at work. :)



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