What are you working on?

I have been getting some things done in my house and was about to head to The Barn (in the backyard) when a downpour started.  So I jumped in here to look around.  Now i am wondering what everyone is doing this week/weekend?  Prepping for a show(s)?  Going to a show?

We did Vintage Market Days of Mississippi last weekend.  We left on Thursday AM for check in and set up starting at 1:00 PM.  This was a date changed from the original weekend in November.  This event was in the same venue though.  Let me tell you, September is much too hot in Mississippi for a show with no climate control.  There was some behind the scenes stuff that caused the date to get moved.  I won't bore you with those details.  The biggest news was that the promoters have sold off Mississippi.  The Carltons, the outgoing promoters, are really great people.  However they we were doing 2 shows a year in Mississippi and 2 in Louisiana, near Hammond.  They are from Louisiana and so it makes sense to sell off Mississippi.  It was getting to be too much to promote a total of 4 shows a year.  Don Carlton still works a full-time job besides working with his wife in the show business.

Interesting story.  Dh and I went to eat at The Filling Station on Saturday evening after the show.  We got to talking to the lady running the place and it came up that we were in town for VMD.  (By this time we knew it had been sold.)  She said well, I guess I can tell you that we (she and her husband) are the new owners.  We were so excited to get to meet them.  We were totally unaware that the new owners of VMD Mississippi owned the restaurant we went to and that they were on the premises that evening.  Her husband found out we had a booth at VMD and broke away from whatever he was doing and pulled up a chair at our table.  We visited at length with him, and he appears to have some good ideas and would like to expand the number of VMD shows in Mississippi.  If you are ever in the Jackson, MS area, try out The Filling Station. http://www.fillingstation.buzz

We have a break now till October 19-21, when we will go to Amite, LA for VMD of Southeast LA.  We unloaded a good bit of stuff from the trailer Tuesday.  I had booth curtains to launder, all done now.  I am reworking some things to help it move.  We have a Duncan Phyphe table still in the back of my Suburban that did not sell.  It is going to The Painted Pelican in Covington where I have a booth.  I will trade out some stuff to make room for the table.  Must be done with that by 9/20 because we are open that weekend.

Anyway, just wanted to touch base and see what y'all are doing.

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  • We spent last weekend in Fort Wayne at the Jefferson Pointe Art Fair in a nonstop rainstorm.  The only variance was how hard it rained.  We discovered that we had a number of leaks in the canopy and spent the weekend shifting jewelry to keep the drips to the minimum damage. So today and tomorrow I'm resealing the seams and trying to otherwise waterproof the canopy!

    Sunday we drive down to Young Harris, Georgia for our annual week of grown up summer camp at William Holland School of Lapidary Arts.  This is the best kept secret ever!  The teachers there volunteer their time teaching, so you know that they are doing something they enjoy.  The cost for the week (Sunday evening to Friday afternoon)  is less than $500 and includes classes, and room and board.  Class materials and lab fees are extra.  

    Judy, I hope that your basement is okay.  Ditto the hope that all are okay with the hurricane and weather.

  • I will have 3 weekends almost in a row coming up at Cathedral Park in Santa Fe, NM.

    September and October are the most busy month here.

    We could use some rain here, we are in a drought...

  • I’m finishing up a shoulder holster order and some white straps for a client and saddles.  Monday, we leave for the “Hot Springs Road Trip” across UT and NV to celebrate our 50th anniversary.  We are taking the dogs and will be camping. Our destination is Reno to visit Jean’s twin sister. Our niece has rented a house at Lake Tahoe for the weekend. The return trip with Jean’s sister will be hot springs across northern NV.  After that, they take off to visit friends and relatives in Pa, NY, and MD.  That’s when I can get back to studio work; and there is a lot.  I’m still finishing up 5 winter 2018 saddles and will be starting my 4 Fall, 2018 saddles plus a complete rebuild and other repair work.

    This morning I packed three large boxes with personal hygiene supplies collected at church for migrant farm workers in the San Luis Valley. We will go way south to Alamosa, CO to drop them off then go way north to get on with our trip.  Independence Pass is open, so I think we will go over it into Aspen then on to Glenwood Springs. We will spend the first night with our daughter’s family and grand kids in Parachute, CO. Then onward to the hot springs in UT WHOO HOO.I need this break!301682844?profile=original

  • I hope that everyone is ok with the hurricane and weather?

    I have been staying close to home with an off and on flooding basement the past few weeks.

    There has been too much rain. I live on a mountain, halfway, and the ground is too full of water.

    Water runs down the hills everywhere!

    Stay safe everyone!

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